Video Tutorials

Using Excel to Track Your Ancestors through Tax Lists:

County tax lists are almost as good as an annual census! Keeping track of all the information contained in the tax lists is easy with the free Excel database.

Adding a Background Image to a 5 Gen Chart:

If you use the “Background” button within Excel, the image doesn’t print. Here’s how you can make it work.

Microsoft Excel:

Topics: Within FamilySearch: Finding Records for Your County, Viewing Microfilm Images, Printing an Image, Downloading an Image, Zoom, Changing Darkness and Contrast, Finding Citations for Images

Topics: Within FamilySearch: Finding Databases, Searching with Specific Parameters, Downloading to Excel. Within Excel: Combining Excel Files, Deleting Rows or Columns, Formatting Column Width

Topics: Freezing the Header Row, Wrapping Text, Moving a Column, Custom Sorting with Multiple Levels

Topics: Adding and Using Filters, Parts of the FamilySearch Document Information Page, Where to Find the FamilySearch Source Information, Adding Source Information to Excel using Comments, Adding Multiple Lines of Text Within a Cell, Changing the Label in the Comment Box, Copying by Pasting vs. Dragging

Microsoft Word:

Topics: Margins, Insert Table, Column Width, Merging Cells, Bold/Italics, Text Size, Centering and Cell Borders

Topics: Renaming the File, Inserting a Row in a Table, Adjusting Borders, Text Size and Color, Alt Codes, Bolding/Underlining Text, Adding Bullets, Using the Ruler to Position Text, Using the Format Painter

Topics: Using the Text Highlighter, Changing Text Color, Cell Shading (adding color to a cell), Changing Border Colors

Topics: 3 Ways to Save, Open Files, Pin Files, Delete Rows, Border Painter, 3 Ways to Make a Comment, Hide Comments, Reply to Comments, Mark Comments as “Done”, Change the Name in the Comments Balloon, Categorizing and Viewing Categories of Comments, Opening, Moving and Adjusting the Reviewing Pane, Using Comments to Make a “To Do” List, Adding Endnotes, Changing the Format of the Endnote Numbers

Topics: Inserting, Editing and Deleting Hyperlinks, Links in Endnotes, Links in Comments, Bookmarks

Topics: Change How Often Word Saves Your File, Adding an Automatically Updated Header and Footer, Inserting an Object (a automatically updated document within a document)

Topics: Different ways to customize a Family Group Sheet.