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My Grandmother, Vesper Bennett Smith

My Grandmother, Vesper Bennett Smith

My name is Lisa and I’m a former high school math teacher.  I have 4 children, 2 cats and 1 husband and I love puzzles!  For me, genealogy is the ultimate puzzle and I’m searching for clues to find various “pieces” to fill in my tree.  My confession is that I belong to no societies and I’ve never been to a courthouse or archive to do research.  I’ve always been shy and I have a dream of finding a “genealogy buddy” to help me make it over the hurdles of my own personality!

The majority of my research centers around Russell Co, Kentucky, but I also research my husband’s line from Kankakee Co, Illinois.

This photo is a picture of my grandmother, who my mother says I look just like and who was shy, like me.

I currently have 5 DNA kits on GEDmatch. Feel free to compare your kit to my kits and contact me if we have a match!

D.S. – T850404
B.C. – A961251
P.T. – A569139
B.M. – A326218
H.S. – A476875

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  1. Until recently I belonged to no Societies, either, and I’ve never been to a courthouse, even though there is one, in Owensboro, that plays an important role in the aftermath of the death of a Grandfather.

    I’ve been only once to the SoCal branch of the National Archives, and hope to go again since we are in the same county. ;-D

  2. Lisa,
    Being shy must run in the Bennett blood line, so is my wife. I have been researching my wife’s Bennett line for about 10 years. Glad to help you if I can. I am still trying to find anything I can. We went back in June 2008 and photographed a lot of headstones and did research at the county courthouse. I have back to Charles Bennett m. Mary Flanagan.

  3. TheShyGenealogist said:

    Hi Don!
    We must have corresponded at some point because I have some of your notes in my database! I would love to “reconnect” to talk about our common ancestors!

    • Jackie Gerard said:

      Hi, My name is Jackie Gerard, and I have been perusing all Russell Co resources lately and ” keep popping into you”! Yesterday. I was at the Thomas D Clark History Center, to no avail. My 2nd great grandmother is Sarah Ann (Sallie) Warriner Patterson. ( around 1820—around 1904). I have found lots of documentation and even a lovely photo which I would be glad to share. My brick wall is her parents. Was it William Warriner ? Any hints or references to Russell Co resources would be greatly appreciated Jackie

      • Hi Jackie! Thanks for “popping into” the blog! Right now, I have no information on William Warriner, but I will certainly keep that name in mind! I happen to be looking at a Russell County petition from 1827 that has the name Iverson Warriner in it. Would that be any help to you?

  4. You are the recipient of the Ancestor Approved Award!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I have enjoying following your blog. I have give your blog a Beautiful Blog Award. Go to this link http://mequilter.blogspot.com/2011/06/beautiful-blog-award.html
    and take the award, add it to your blog and share it with five other blogs. Have fun!

  6. Jenny Ward said:

    What a great blog! We have 2 big family reunions coming up and was wanting to put together a infomation sheet for each personal to fill out so I can hopfully gather more information for the family history. I love your excel spreadsheets but do not know what I’m doing or even know where to being.
    Do you have any suggestions on how I should appoarch this at the reunion, I’m also very shy and of course both reinions are for my husband side which makes it more uncomforable.

  7. Congratulations on your new technology assignment at your school! I hope your summer continues to go well and you are able to squeeze some genealogy time in.

  8. Patty Mitchell said:

    Hi Iam related to George Washington Stephens. He was my g, g, grandfather. I’m interrested in any infornmative that you had on him and his family.

  9. Patty Mitchell said:

    Hi I’m related to George Washington Stephens. He was my g, g, grandfather. I’m interested in any information that you had on him and his family.

  10. Patty Mitchell said:

    My George W. was born in 1836 in Florence,Al. We think his father was William Stephens born born in 1813 in North Carolina.


    • I’m going to email you directly….

    • Hi! You haven’t updated your blog in awhile. Is everything OK? I really enjoy your writing style and have learned a lot from your blog.

      • Hi Lorie! Thanks for checking in on me! Soon after I finished my John M. Smith series, I took a 6-week online DNA course and that has taken a ton of my time. I’m also currently working on a genealogy report for a friend who discovered that her father was not her biological father, so I just haven’t had anything to write about in regard to my own family. I hope to get back to my own research soon!

  11. I am searching for Smiths from the same area. Wonder if you have seen a very old John Smith (105 yrs in the 1860 Scott Co.TN census)?
    His family seems to be Henry & Lucretia Smith who moved to Wayne Co., KY for the 1870 census? I have another Smith connection in 1860 Wayne co to a Benjamin and Mahala.

    • Hi Teresa,
      I’m sorry, I don’t have any information on your Smith line. There are soooo many Smith’s, I tend to concentrate on Russell County only. Wayne County before 1825 because that’s the same part of Russell County after its formation, but I don’t even have much on those Smiths. Good luck in your search! Lisa

      • Hi Lisa,
        I ran across your post about Henry Smith the Longhunter. Have you had any success locating him?
        I am still searching this Henry (from VA) and Lucretia Smith The name Henry is quite common in this group. DNA test have established we are related to Anderson Smith of Scott Co., TN , and William and Augustine all from VA.

      • Hi Teresa. Sad to say, I do not have any information on Henry Smith. At this point, I’m just collecting information to see if something jumps out at me. And as you know – there are Smiths EVERYWHERE!!!

        Sorry I can’t help!

  12. Donovan Derr said:

    Group Sheets using Excel – would you be willing to share a copy of your exel and word templates with me.

  13. Lisa, I just found your blog via another blog while blog-hopping. You had left a comment…and I found your blog name so intriguing, I just had to take a look 🙂

    You may claim shyness, but any math teacher of high school students, in my book, cannot possibly be shy. Intrepid is more like it!

    Hopefully, by now, you have found a “genealogy buddy” to help you over your hurdles, and you can now waltz through the front doors of any courthouse clerk’s office unfazed!

    • Hi Jacqi! I’m so glad you “stopped by” the blog! My teaching journey has been funny. I started as an elementary teacher because “I could NEVER teach high school kids!”. When my kids became jr. high kids, a jr. high science job opened up and the school was desperate enough to take me. Soon that job included jr. high math and now I’m teaching high school math. I really think having kids of my own that are the same age as the kids I teach just makes it easier – almost like the students are my own kids! Believe me, grown ups are MUCH scarier! And no, I’m not quite to the point of walking into a courthouse unafraid… maybe soon!

  14. Lisa, I COMPLETELY understand your fear…I *used* to be the same way! Just the thought of going into a public place without someone else terrified me. Even walking to the rest room in a restaurant mortified me. Tina Lyons posted that you’re coming to the Midwest Geneabloggers meet up, and I’ll really look forward to meeting you and talking with you about the ways I finally overcame my fear. Oh, and we can talk genealogy too! 😉

  15. Brenda Leyndyke said:

    Lisa, it sounds like you are not alone in your shyness. When I first started researching my family, I was intimidated by some of the repositories. But, as time goes on I am becoming more comfortable. I look forward to meeting you in Fort Wayne. See you there.

  16. tim chapman said:

    i am looking for the parents of moses chapman from halifax va married to sarah tuck, “sally”. they had a son, joseph who moved to russell co ky from halifax with his son, anthony who is buried in chapman cemetery in terry ky. he was in the umion army in yhe 8th ky cav. anthony had a son, james who is my great grandfather who lived and died in casey co ky. i cant find who the parents of mosses chapman. if you run across amy information about mosses please email me at tchapman@miamiherald.com
    my mother was a smith from lincoln co ky and she is in the line of jom smith who sailed from ireland, her mother was a fletcher. i have almost a complete line on my moms side. my sister near danville ky, has all of that. we are stuck though mosses chapman of halifax co va. also, his son joseph is buried in a cemetery under lake cumberland, russell co ky but i dont know which one thanks, tim chapman

    • Hi Tim,
      I don’t have any information on Chapmans, but if you have something specific you’d like for me to look up the next time I go to the library, I’d be happy to do that! I tried to do some quick research and I found that someone has John Chapman and Nancy Whitehead as parents for your Moses Chapman, but I found further information on the web on that family and didn’t see a Moses listed for their children. Don’t know if that helps you or not…
      I’d love to hear more about your Smith line. Any chance we connect somewhere in early Danville days?

    • Lucy Chapman Sweigart said:

      I was wondering if you ever found anything on Moses Chapman. I have run into the same problem. If you have any info I would really appreciate if you would contact me at johnandlucy@localnet.com Thanks Lucy Chapman sWEIGART

  17. tim chapman said:

    my grandfathers name was herman smith who lived in my salem ky, about 20 miles south of danville. tim chapman tchapman@miamiherald.com

  18. tim chapman said:

    thanks, i will look up the info you gave me on the poss parents of moses chapman and get with my sister who is working on our smiths. my mothers mom who was married to our herman smith, was a fletcher but i will try to get more info fr her to give you. i have to wade through a tree she sent me the other day also. thank you, tim chapman

  19. tim chapman said:

    thanks, this is the wrong moses, i had seen this and the dates dont match and my mosses married sarah “sally” tuck. the tucks are well documented. we called my grandmother, granny mae. she was the fletcher. thank you so much for your help. tim chapman

    • Scott Chapman said:

      There have been many who have incorectly linked Moses Chapman of Halifax, VA, born 1758, married to Sally (Sara) Tuck to John and Samuel Chapman of Amelia county. Here is what I have found to disprove that link and possibe ideas for other connections:

      Why John Chapman of Amelia County is NOT the father of Moses.

      John Chapman was born in Amelia County, VA in 1737. He was the ONLY son of Samuel Chapman who was also born in Amelia County, VA circa 1700

      John Chapman had six sons John (Jack), James, Stephen, Benjamin, William, and Jonathan.

      John (Jack) was born in Amelia County, VA in 1758 the same year as Moses Chapman who was born in Halifax, VA. Therefore, John (Jack) and Moses could not be the same person.

      Why Moses is NOT a nephew of John Chapman

      John Chapman is the son of Samuel Chapman. John was his ONLY son.

      Could Moses be a nephew via a brother of Samuel?

      There is mention of the name Moses three times with respect to Samuel and/or his son John.

      1. A court document dated 8/13/1836, whereby “Moses Chapman acknowledges his deeds of lease and release of land to Samuel Chapman” (Given the date, the aforementioned Moses could not be Moses Chapman of Halifax born 1758, because Russell county, KYcensus records show that Moses was living with son Joseph in 1830. )
      2. John Chapman Sr. will dated 1816 whereby a slave child named Moses was bequeathed to his wife Oney.
      3. John (Jack) Chapman whereby his daughter Elizabeth was mentioned to have married a Moses Richardson.

      Based on the three references to Moses listed above, a possibility exist that “a” Moses Chapman could have been Samuel’s brother, or the son of an unnamed brother. If true, Moses Chapman of Halifax could be the son or grandson of either, thereby making him a nephew of Samuel. Unfortunately there is no information indicating Samuel had siblings, however the presence of Moses listed in a document dated 1836 suggest some familial connection.

      • Angela Sanders said:

        I am researching a John/Jonathan Chapman and father John Chapman (b.c. 1710 Va d.c.1760 Granville North Carolina) who appear in Amelia County, VA court records and Amelia County, VA Tithable lists from 1743-1752/1753. There are 2 John Chapmans (Sr and Jr) listed in the 1746, 1747, 1751 and 1752 Tithable list in the Deep and Flatt Creek area and Raleigh Parish. These areas are close to the border with Cumberland County, VA. There is also a Moses Chapman who appears in the 1751, 1752 and 1753 Amelia County Tithable Lists in the same household as John Sr. which would indicate that Moses was John’s son and still living with him.

        This Chapman family did not live in the same area that Samuel Chapman and family lived. These Johns CANNOT be John, son of Samuel Chapman as John would only be 6 years old in 1743!

        I have information that indicates John Chapman Sr., son Moses and possibly another son Samuel, left Amelia County, VA and moved to Granville County around 1757.

        John Chapman Jr. stayed in Amelia County for a few more years and then appears in Cumberland County records. One of his sons, my 4th great grandfather, Nathaniel Chapman (b. 1756- d. 1829 Bedford County VA) lived in Cumberland County, VA, enlisted in the Continental Army there and eventually moved to Bedford County, VA with his sister Elizabeth and her husband Elisha Bowles/Boles.

        I think that John Chapman Sr is a cousin or brother to Samuel Chapman. A John Chapman appears in Caroline County court records in the mid 1730s before disappearing and Samuel Chapman moved from Caroline County to Amelia County, VA in the early 1730s. Also, Samuel is mentioned in connection to a Moses and Mercy Chapman of Caroline County, VA. Samuel named his only son John. John had a son named Moses and another named Samuel.

        I have also recently submitted my father’s DNA which has a match to a Samuel Chapman descendant.

        Willing to exchange information with anyone interested in working to solve this Chapman mystery!

      • carla short (chapman) duffy said:

        I have been looking for the John and sons, Moses & Samuel for a very long time. You are the first to document them on-line that I have seen! John also had a wife, Eliza or Elizabeth. They are my very sketchily documented direct ancestors! Do you have any primary sources or additional information or thoughts? Eagerly awaited your reply. Carla Short Duffy – tuckbandw@yahoo.com

  20. Dennis Nagel said:

    Lisa, I am trying to help my brother, Bradley Eugene Gilpin. His Great Grandfather was George Washington Gilpin from KY. Born 2 Jan 1857 and was married to Martha Henderson & Elizabeth Pitman. Do you have any information concerning Gilpin family connection with George Washington family? If so would you share with me that connection?


    Dennis Nagel
    417 205-0308
    Mount Vernon, MO

  21. nicky tucker said:

    i am the great grand son of john g stephens and sara moles my grandmother is cora stephens married hugh jepsey tucker my name is nicky tucker russell springs ky phone 2705664860

  22. nicky tucker said:

    my great grand mother is sara stephens buried in miller cem shelbyville ind if enbody has a picture of sara stephens call me nicky tucker 2705664860

  23. Donny Stevens said:

    Hi Lisa
    I read your post about Andrew Stephens an Polly and I might be able to help some. They were my g-g-g-grandparents. Andrew b1829 Polly born b1837. Andrew was the son of John Black Stephens. William was Andrews brother b1826. Andrew did have a son Andy V born 1871. My family populated most of KY, VA, and TN it seems like so I’m sure the neighbors were relatives. 🙂
    Donny Stevens

  24. Carol Hicks said:

    Hi Lisa,

    Do you happen to have Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Russell Co., KY? I am looking for William Fields Blakey.

  25. Carol Hicks said:

    Thanks for looking.

    • Tim Chapman said:

      To carol hicks, have you tried Blakey/Chapman cemetery
      In Creelsboro ky. It is on the lawless farm. I have some of my chapman line at that cemetery. Tim chapman

  26. Carol Hicks said:

    Thanks, I did look on findagrave.com in that cemetery but only found one Blakey listed. They must not all be in findagrave yet.

    • Tim Chapman said:

      Hi carol, you might try the lawless cemetery on lawless cemetery road. If you google Blakey Branch, just sw on that road you will see lawless cemetery rd, follow it to the cemetery. From the sat. View ,must be 300 graves. It is a very old cemetery and might have been called something else 100 yrs ago. I a going to look for some Chapman’s myself soon. The lawless cemetery is 3.6
      Miles west of Jamestown in Russell co, ky. Gd luck, tim chapman

  27. Hi Carol. I am glad I found your site. I am looking for my Grandfather and his siblings in Russell County, Sherman Holt father John Holt and mom Nancy Jane Carol Born about 1883 I am getting nowhere and am considering a trip there. Where is a good place to start? Keep up the good work

  28. Carol Hicks said:

    Hi Tim,
    A good place to start would be the library to see what they have, might have old newspapers, and they can advise you where else that might be available, like a genealogy library, in the area, then the county clerk’s office and probate office if there was a will. There might also be a genealogy or historical society around. The library would know that. Good luck in your search.


  29. Carol Hicks said:

    Tim, I found some information for you. I would like to send it to you. E-mail me at hckschicks@aol.com.

  30. Lynnea Dickinson said:

    I descend from the Mercer Co., KY Smith family. John Smith, brother to Adam & Zachariah, is my 5th great-grandfather. Will gladly exchange info with you. I’ve been working on these Smiths for over 25 years.
    Lynnea Dickinson

  31. Hello…bored and doing some research on my own genealogy. I am a descendant of Welcome Stephens. He is my g-g-g-g-g grandfather. The lineage to me starts with Welcome/Thomas/William/Bryant/Hebrotis/James/Gerald/Me (Brian). I want to know from Welcome further back in time…do you know of anything?

    • Hi Brain! I do have information on Welcome’s ancestors. If you’d like to email me directly, I think that would be the easiest way to communicate.

      lvonlanken at msn dot com

  32. Glenda (Dunbar) Hall said:

    Hi Lisa. I don’t visit often but recognize many family names when I do. I noticed some conversation on here about Bennetts. Three Bennett death certificates, all children of Green and Emily Dunbar, Charley C., Betsy J., and James, state they were buried in Bennett Cemetery, with the undertaker in each case having an address of Ono. I find no info anywhere on a Bennett Cemetery; have you ever heard of one?

    • Hi Glenda. Thanks for checking out my blog! Unfortunately, I have never been able to find Bennett Cemetery either. It makes me wonder if it was a family plot on a farm that has since been overgrown? I will keep my eyes open!

      • Glenda (Dunbar) Hall said:

        Thanks for responding! I will definitely be checking back in on your blog. All of my family is rooted in Russell Co., so I’m sure I will find lots here to keep me coming back.

      • Glenda! I DO have an answer for this! Believe it or not, today I had a snow day from school and I was looking through some old photos that I have on my phone and I found a group of pictures I had taken from a book listing cemeteries that had been found under Lake Cumberland. They were supposed to be moved in the 1940s before the dam was built, but they weren’t. In 1980, a crack was discovered in the dam and the water level had to be lowered to make repairs. At least 5 cemeteries were revealed that had not been moved as required.
        One of the cemeteries was the Bennett Cemetery and among those listed as being moved were James Harlan Bennett, Charlie Bennett, and 2 listings for Elizabeth Bennett. The book indicates that all of the graves were moved to Square Oak Cemetery, but I do not see those markers on Find-a-grave. If you want to email me, I can send you the photos that I took. lvonlanken@msn.com

  33. Oh my gosh! I have that book, too, and yes, there they are!! You are beautiful…thanks so much. I didn’t even think about looking there. A learning experience, yea!

  34. Glenda (Dunbar) Hall said:

    Sorry, hit the enter key before I was done. So.. if you want lookups, I can send you shots of the index pages.

  35. carla short (chapman) duffy said:

    I am looking for ANYTHING on a John Chapman of Amelia Co., born say, 1725. I believe he married Eliza or Elizabeth, say 1740, and they had a son named Samuel. They removed to Granville Co. NC about 1757. I also believe that John had a brother named Moses Chapman. My guess is that these folks were related to the other Samuel, John, Moses, etc. of Amelia Co. Va, but I have never been able to make a likely connection. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

  36. John Peters said:

    Hi Lisa, I ran across a James. H. Smith and a George Smith of Russell County, KY who signed an 1827 petition on behalf of John Adams, Jr. There were 99 petitioners and their names were side by side. Here is a partial list of the petitioners:
    Ambrose Brockman
    William Hatfield
    James H. Smith
    George Smith
    Joseph Stapp (husband of Susannah Adams, John Jr sister)
    Reuben Payne (husband of Elizabeth Pigg;dau. of William and Mary Pigg of Casey County, KY)

    I am curious about the Smiths connection to this John Adams, Jr.
    I am interested in John Adams, Jr as he had a sister Sarah Adams who married a William Davidson Quinton. I believe John Adams Sr was also in Casey County, Ky in 1810.

    John Peters

    • Hi John,
      I don’t have an answer off the top of my head, but I would love to try to find a connection here. Do you have more info on John? Dates of birth or death? If you’d like to email me directly, you can do that at lvonlanken@msn(dot)com.
      Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  37. Hi, my sister and I just came back from a 75th family reunion on our dad’s side, complete with visits to libraries along the path some of his ancestors had come, and found some great information. I haven’t done much with my research the last few years but am fired up again! As a heavy Excel user, I thought about creating a family group sheet, then found your wonderful template online. My only questio so far is this – do you use one workbook for each side of your family, with separate tabs for different family group sheets, or do you use separate workbooks for each? Thanks!

    • Hi Jan! I’m sure it’s a personal preference for everyone, but I have one workbook for each surname. That way, I can find all of the Smith groups sheets in the same place and all of the Stephens groups sheets in the same place, etc. I also use each workbook to keep a database of birth info, death info, etc for that surname. I try to include everything that I find for a certain surname as I’m looking at a new source, even if I don’t see a connection at that time, because I got so tired of saying “Where did I see that name before?”

      Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  38. I recently found your blog and am finding it very helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas.

    Strangely I can’t find the comment box to comment on the individual posts 😦

    • Hi Zoya, thanks for spending time on my blog! After reading your comment, I took a look at my blog settings and the default setting is to close comments after 14 days – something I’d never even thought about! So I changed that and I believe that now, the opportunity to comment will never close. The button to comment is on the right side just under the title of the post. (But I wish I could change that as well! Makes more sense to me if it were at the end of the post…)

      Thanks for letting me know!

  39. Dale Quinton said:

    I descend from William Davidson Quinton who married Sarah Adams in Adair County, Kentucky in 1820. He was the son of William and Jane ? Quinton. Sarah Adams was the daughter of John Adams. Can anyone help with the identity of her mother or siblings?

    • Dale – You need to talk with John Peters who commented above on May 26! (If you haven’t already…) John and I have been working on potential connections since then. If you want to send me your email address to me at lvonlanken at msn dot com, we might be able to add some pieces to your puzzle.


      • Berniece Quinton said:

        Thank you for your response, John and I have been working together for two years trying to piece together the Quinton puzzle. I hope someone new will see our posts and will chime in with new information.

        Sent from Berniece,s iPad


  40. Lisa,
    I just found your blog from a pin on Pinterest. I don’t think we share any ancestors, but I really appreciate you sharing your research forms and ideas. It’s VERY helpful. Thank you! Now I just need to find some time to try to digest your excel timeline tutorial so I can implement it for my family lines…

  41. Lisa A Leach said:

    Hi Lisa, I found your blog while looking for a timeline. Other than the shy part, we are eerily similar! I teach Geometry (use to teach Alg) in Campbell County Tn. My maternal grandmother is from Ky. I am 95% OCD (drops some as you get older I have found) and do much of my work on Excel as well. And my name is Lisa. I have enjoyed reading MANY of your older blogs. It is also strange how many things we do alike in our research, however, I have learned several new tricks from you. Thanks for the wonderful information. Please keep it coming!

  42. Hi Lisa; I found your blog while looking for Excel or Word documents that might help me organize my genealogy research clue notes. I love reading your suggestions, ideas and experience. While viewing the 1910 US Census I learned my grandfather had been married once before he married my grandmother. The typical family group sheets have few places to include this type of miscellaneous note. The census showed a first name, a birth year and state of birth. All these clues were important to remember somewhere for future research. Where do you suggest I keep track of this type of information? Any ideas?

    • Hi Liz – thanks for stopping by my blog! Your Group Sheet can be a great way to keep track of hints, depending on it’s format. Is it a printed form, or something generated by your genealogy software or something in Word or Excel? I created by own group sheets in Word and in Excel and each have an advantage that the other doesn’t. With Word, I can keep track of citations using the end notes feature. But with Excel, I can have hidden rows to keep track of hints or clues that I want to follow up on later. With hidden rows, I can reveal information only when I want to see it. If a row or rows are NOT hidden and I tell the form to print, then the hints and clues show up as well – but the form doesn’t fit on a single sheet of paper. If I hide the row or rows, then the print out will look like a typical group sheet. I had a post on using hidden rows in Excel here: https://theshygenealogist.wordpress.com//?s=hidden&search=Go

      In both of my forms (Word and Excel), I have areas dedicated for notes and information like that could also be kept there. If you’d like to see (and download) either of these forms, you can find them here: https://theshygenealogist.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/new-group-sheets-word-and-excel/
      If you’d like to trade ideas or ask any questions, please feel free to stop by again!

      Good luck with your new hints!

  43. Tia Rutledge said:

    Hi Liz. I just love your site and I keep learning about new stuff. I wanted to ask your permission if I could upload a file of a modified version of your family group sheet form, that I tinkered with. I posted a photo of the modified version on Facebook group “Genealogy Do-over” but linked where I got the original form back to your site. Again Thanks, I would never learned about hidden rows, if I had run across your posts. And here is a photo of the form, I’m talking about. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5uiyGcuNIdfSWRfdnB4dlZEVHM/edit


  44. Tia Rutledge said:

    Sorry I meant, Hi Lisa!

  45. Hi Tia! (My college roommate’s name was Tia!) When I click on the link that you gave, it says that I don’t have permission to view the document, but I would love to see what you’ve done! I don’t mind if you upload your version, I appreciate the heads up! I’ve just joined the “Genealogy Do-Over” Group on Facebook as well!

    Hoping for great genealogy finds for everyone in 2015!

  46. Tia R Rutledge said:

    Sorry lisa, I didn’t use the correct link. I’m still new on using google stuff. LOL
    Here we go and WELCOME to the “Do-Over” Group.


  47. Sheila Abston said:

    I looked at your timeline excel spreadsheet and see that it has Tishomingo County Mississippi and Marion County Alabama on it. I have ancestors from both locations and I lived in Tishomingo County for over 30 years with relatives still there. Are you from there or have you lived there?
    I have enjoyed looking over your website and will look further into it soon to see if we might have some of the same ancestors.

  48. Hi Sheila, thanks for reading the blog! I have never been to that area of the US and Tishomingo County is just a hunch. I know my family was in Marion County and Franklin County and I know my ancestor was born in Mississippi. Tishomingo County was nearby and I could find a tax entry that matches my ancestor’s father’s name, but I have no proof that it is the correct family. In fact, there seem to be several men with the same name in that area.

    Let me know if you see any connection with your research! Thanks!!

  49. Lisa, I’m sure you and I have corresponded in the past as I have been the County Coordinator for the Russell County pages on USGenWeb since 2001. My family had resided in or around Russell County since around 1800, so I’d be surprised if there weren’t common ancestry connections.

    I recall seeing your name when reviewing your transcription of the 1890 Veterans Schedule – many thanks for your work! It certainly helped to locate several ancestors and relatives. Are you interested in transcribing any of the other census records? I plan to create teams for census transcriptions for all that remain so that each census year will be available to visitors as soon as the images are made available. I will also be re-organizing the site over the next several months.

    I decided to include a blog section for the site and recently discovered your pages. I would like to ask for any advice you can provide in this regard as well as request a link to your site or sharing articles you have written (your deeds post contains some excellent info!). Thanks again for sharing your great work!

  50. Melinda Copeland Penrose said:

    Lisa, I have a Stephens problem in southeastern missouri and was wondering if this rings any bells for you: My paternal grandmother was born Fannie E. Stephens, 1890, in Wayne County, Missouri. Her mother was Nancy Clementine Jones b 1869 of Williamsville, Wayne County, MO. All we know of Fannie’s father was that his last name was Stephens. In 1895 Nancy C Jones married Thomas A Wilson in Elsinore, Carter County MO, the county next door so to speak. Her name on the marriage license was Nancy C Stephens. Fannie’s death certificate (from 1972) says her maiden name was Stephens. So I assume Nancy C Jones indeed married Mr. Stephens. But I don’t know what happened to him – death, abandonment, divorce? There’s a 5-yr period 1890-95, where he left the picture, so to speak, never to return. Might any of this sound familiar? Many thanks.

    • Hi Melinda,
      Sorry to say that I don’t have any information on any of the Stephens names you’ve listed. I know the frustration of researching those Stephens folks!

      Good luck!

  51. Scotty K. Dean said:

    Hello There – my name is Scotty Dean, and I too have had my own major road-block on my Dad’s side for years and years and years…. I had stopped at Elias (Ellison) Harrison Smith 1847-1924, m. ~1877 to Matilda Ellen Hardwick 1861-1914.

    I started my own family research as a teenager after “Roots” came out (Geek/Nerd alert – ah well). Amongst my efforts I managed to find that their youngest son, Dolph, was still alive in Smithwick, South Dakota – it was a joy to let all of my Dad’s family know where their long-lost uncle and gone to.

    I recently started assisting my Fiancee with her family tree with just a few notes – I’ve discovered that a LOT of material has appeared online for free in the last 20 years or so!!! I keep telling her that she is incredibly spoiled (turns out that West Viriginia has created their own wonderful on-line archive). She hasn’t had to walk up-hill through the snow both ways, as it were. Is a lot easier now than scrolling through rolls of film at the Archives!!!!

    Anyway, decided to take another look at my Elias, and discovered (FINALLY) his father as Elias Smith 1810-1843 m. 1834 Elizabeth Meadows 1816-1893. Have been continuing to look around, and concluded his siblings could have been George A. Smith 1805-1890 and/or Leander W. Smith b. ~1817, both of whom may be found close to Elias and family in census records.

    I unfortunately do not have any material to push you on further back, but I can provide some information on your Uncle Elias 1810-1843 and his nine known children. I am indeed very curious to find is cause of death at such a young age.

    Very happy to meet you electronically, and I hope that we can exchange some information soon. Scotty Dean Tucson, Arizona

    • Hi Scotty! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I would love to exchange information with you – if you’d read very much of my blog, then you know that I spend almost all of my research time on this Smith line!

      Please email me at lvonlanken at msn dot com

  52. Hello,
    I just came across your site and love what you have done. I also love that you are a math teacher (my favorite to teach also). Thank you for what you have done and all that you share. I plan to stay i touch with you and learn from you.
    Diane McFarlin
    Modesto, California

  53. Brenda Dixon said:

    My maternal grandmother was a Decker from Wayne County Ky and my maternal grandfather was a Keeton from Wayne County, Ky. We may have some common connections. Half the fun of genealogy research is meeting distant relatives sharing the interest,
    Brenda Dixon

    • Hi Brenda! Thanks for stopping by the blog! It would be very fun if we were able to find a common ancestor! I don’t have a ton of information from Wayne Co except for the small part of the county that later became Russell Co. Please let me know if you think we have a connection!

  54. Cool blog; I need to do one for genealogy. But, I’m so busy on Tribal Tree & Geni. My father had 111 markers tested & I got the complete DNA test also. It’s like Greek, to me, trying to decipher results. I swiped all your info on this page about Moses Chapman & Sally [Sarah] Tuck. I’m a recluse these years & just want to study. I found this today: About Tuck, Sally Sarah
    Tuck Orphans Found
    By J Tuck July 06, 2007 at 09:18:31
    Transcribed by J. Richard Tuck June 12, 2007
    January Court 1800 Halifax, County Virginia

    Cary Tuck is appointed guardian in general to David Tuck and Edward Tuck Orphans of Edward Tuck junr decs and thereupon he together with William Tury Grant his surety entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of one thousand dollars conditioned according to law for that purpose.

    March Chancery Court Halifax, County Virginia
    P23 382 March 1805

    Cary Tuck who is one of the heirs and distributer? of edward Tuck decs. and who is also argent and attorney in fact for Moses Tuck, Mary Tuck and Moses Chapman who married Sarah Tuck, and who is also the Guardian
    of David Tuck and Edward Tuck infants under the age of twenty one years and orphans of Edward Tuck Junr. Plantiff
    In Chancery
    Nathan Fletcher executor of John Tuck decs Who was executor of Edward Tuck the elder deceased defendant

    This cause this day came to be heard by consent of parties, upon this bill, answer and declare? An Consideration whereof, It is decree and ordered, that the plaintiff receive of the defendant, the sum of twenty eight pounds, two shillings in the bill mentioned, together with his cost by him in the behalf expended to be levied of the goods and chattels which were of this said John Tuck decs at the time of his death , in the hand of the said Nathan Fletcher his executor, if so much there of he hath to be administered, but if not, then the cost to be delivered of the proper goods and chattels of the said Nathan Fletcher

    My analysis of the above is Cary Tuck was one of the children of Edward Tuck (?1735-1781?) –
    son of Bennett Tuck(1710-1776)
    Mary was 1st child of Edward Tuck (?1735-1781?)
    Moses Tuck (1758-1825) 2nd child of Edward Tuck(?1735-1781?)
    Sarah Tuck (1762-) child of Edward Tuck (?1735-1781?) married Moses Chapman
    Orphans of Edward Tuck, Jr. (22 Dec 1771-1795) was married to Lucy Standley (22 Dec 1791) their children were

    David Tuck &
    Edward Tuck who were born between (1792-1795)

    Lucy Standley (1774 -?) Tuck widow of Edward Tuck remarried William Chapman 30 April 1796

    John Tuck (1735-7 Jan 1801?) son of Bennett Tuck (1710-1776)
    Nathan Fletcher husband of Mary Tuck (12 Jan 1765-) daughter of John D Tuck (John Tuck (1735-7 Jan 1801?)


    I am James Richard Tuck, Jr.
    My Father James Richard Tuck B 1913 in Martin TN buried in Acree Cem. 1952
    His Father Isaac Tuck B 1876 in Martin TN buried Bible Union Cem. Martin TN 1956
    His Father George Calvin B 1846 in Martin TN buried Tuck Cem. Martin TN 1911
    His Father Isham Tuck B 1813 Halifax Co. VA buried Tuck Cem. Martin TN 1884
    His Father Craddock Tuck B 1791-95?? Halifax Co. VA buried Halifax Co. VA 1821

    almost certain

    His Father Edward Tuck B 1767-71?? Halifax Co. VA buried Halifax Co. VA 1795?
    His Father Edward Tuck B 1730-39?? Halifax Co. VA buried Halifax Co. VA 1781?
    His Father Bennett Tuck B 1710?


    Moses Chapman, b. in Halifax, Co, VA, in 1758
    m. Sally (Sarah Tuck) Dec. 23, 1789.
    15. Sally (Sarah) Tuck, b. 1762 in Halifax, VA., d. of
    Edward Tuck and Nancy Irby.

  55. I should have mentioned that my name is Barbara Kim Thigpen & I’m on FaceBook. Maybe I can stay awake a little longer & catch up on charting this line in Geni. bkthigpen@gmail.com

  56. Descendants of Woodham Tuck
    Generation No. 3

    3.THOMAS LACY4 TUCK, SR. (BENNET3, WOODHAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born Bet. 1738 – 1741 in Caroline County, Virginia, and died 22 Sep 1788 in Halifax County, Virginia.He married SARAH.

    Children of THOMAS TUCK and SARAH are:
    i. MARY5 TUCK, m. THOMAS WATKINS, 13 Apr 1780, Halifax County, VA.
    ii. SARAH TUCK.
    iii. SUSANNAH TUCK, b. Virginia; m. THOMAS MALONE, 28 Jul 1785, Halifax County, VA.
    v. NANCY TUCK, b. Abt. 1780; m. REUBEN LACY, 13 May 1802, Halifax County, VA; b. Abt. 1777, Halifax County, Virginia.
    vii. THOMAS LACY TUCK, JR., b. 1761, Carolina County Virginia; d. Aft. 1840, Halifax County, Virginia; m. REBECCA; b. 1776, Virginia.
    viii. JOHN TUCK, b. 1763; d. 06 Jul 1842; m. EDEY STANLEY, 04 Nov 1791, Halifax County Virginia; b. 1776.
    ix. WILLIAM TUCK, b. 1770; m. HANNAH IRBY, 22 Aug 1797, Halifax County Virginia.

    4.JOHN4 TUCK, SR. (BENNET3, WOODHAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1730 in England, or Halifax County, Virginia, and died 07 Jan 1801 in Halifax County, Virginia.He married MARY JANE POWELL 1757 in Halifax County, daughter of EDWARD POWELL and ELIZABETH RANSON.She was born 12 Aug 1733 in Bristol parish, King George County, VA, and died 23 May 1828 in Halifax County.

    Children of JOHN TUCK and MARY POWELL are:
    6. i. SARAH5 TUCK, b. 04 Apr 1758, Halifax County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1840, South Carolina.
    7. ii. ELIZABETH ANN TUCK, b. 15 May 1760, Halifax County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1828, Granville County, N.C..
    8. iii. EDWARD NED TUCK, b. 10 Dec 1762, Halifax County; d. 22 Jun 1840, Halifax County, Virginia.
    iv. MARY TUCK, b. 12 Apr 1765, Halifax County, Virginia; d. 23 Sep 1871; m. NATHAN FLETCHER, SR.; b. Abt. 1756, Essex County, Virginia; d. Wilkins County, North Carolina.
    9. v. ACHSAH TUCK, b. 31 Oct 1770, Halifax County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1850, Dekalb, Tennessee.
    10. vi. EZRA TUCK, b. 12 May 1768, Halifax County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1850, Spartanburg County,S.C..
    11. vii. ROBERT TUCK, b. 04 Oct 1773, Halifax County, Virginia; d. 1867, Halifax County, Virginia.
    12. viii. RICHARD R. BLUE TUCK, b. 29 Dec 1775, Halifax County, Virginia; d. 28 Mar 1851, Halifax County, Virginia.
    13. ix. BENNETT BENJAMIN TUCK, b. 01 Jan 1778, Halifax County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1845, Clarke County, Georgia.
    x. JOHN TUCK, JR., b. 23 Mar 1781, Halifax County, Virginia; d. Bef. 1830, Kentucky; m. (1) MARTHA HESTER, 29 Nov 1802, Halifax County, VA; m. (2) MARY BRAGG FLETCHER, 09 Nov 1814, Granville County, N.C..
    14. xi. JANE JENNIE TUCK, b. 15 Jun 1783, Halifax County, Virginia; d. 1840, Georgia.
    xii. DAVID TUCK, b. 14 Jan 1786, Halifax County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1828, Halifax County, Virginia; m. ELIZABETH DEWBERRY, 18 Aug 1804; b. 1783, Halifax County, Virginia; d. Bet. 1808 – 1861, Halifax County, Virginia.
    xiii. SUSANNAH TUCK, b. 04 Apr 1767.
    xiv. STILLBORN TUCK, b. 04 May 1768.

    5.EDWARD4 TUCK (BENNET3, WOODHAM2, UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. 1732 in England, or Virginia, and died Abt. 1790 in Halifax County, VA.He married UNKNOWN.

    Children of EDWARD TUCK and UNKNOWN are:
    i. MARY5 TUCK, b. 1756.
    ii. EDWARD TUCK, b. 22 Dec 1761; m. LUCY STANLEY, 22 Dec 1791.
    iii. SARAH SALLY TUCK, b. 1762; m. MOSES CHAPMAN, 25 Dec 1789, Halifax County, VA.
    iv. VASHTI TUCK, b. 1764; m. JAMES WEAVER, 26 Dec 1781.
    v. TABITHA TUCK, b. 1787, Halifax County, Virginia; m. JARRATT IRBY, SR., 02 Nov 1830; b. 1777, Halifax County, Virginia; d. 1869.
    vi. SUSANNAH TUCK, b. 1768.
    15. vii. MOSES TUCK, b. Abt. 1758, Halifax County, VA.
    16. viii. JOSIAH TUCK, b. Abt. 1760, Halifax County, Va; d. 1844, Wilkes County, Gerogia.
    17. ix. CARY TUCK, b. 1762, Halifax County, Va; d. 19 Feb 1836, Lincoln County,MO.

  57. Hi Lisa,
    I am wondering how you organise all your digital files – the pictures, military records, census, newspaper clippings, etc?

    While I am using Ancestry and all my data is there, I also have on my computer, in excel, some family group sheets with names, facts, details… I am wanting to keep in my filing system the proof, hence comes the question as to filing all these digital files.

    I understand that structure is key along with it being searchable & browsable. I have a few thoughts rattling around, but before I get ahead of myself, I want to make sure that I have set up something that is workable longterm. Hence, I am asking how you do it…

    Looking forward to your response.

    • Hi Tammy! That is an awesome question! I am going to write a blog post to answer this and hope to have it posted by tomorrow morning. (Well, this was a day of “everything that could go wrong, DID go wrong, so the post won’t be up tomorrow, but will be soon!)

      Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  58. Hey Lisa! Love the blog. Are you able to have a male Smith relative do yDNA testing? I’d be curious to know if ya’ll match my guys. I also have a bunch of Smith autosomal DNA tests that I could compare you against to see if you match to any significant degree. Thanks!

    • Also, allow me to pass along my Smith research. Feel free to take a look at https://smithgenealogy.wordpress.com. I’ve been researching the early and terribly mangled immigrant lines of Maj. Lawrence Smith of Stone Edge in Lancashire, England (and later Gloucester Co, VA), Arthur Smyth of Blackmore, Essex, England (and later Isle of Wight Co, VA), and “Customer” Smythe of Westenhanger Hall, Kent, England (three completely unrelated Smith lines). They’re easily the most incorrectly repeated Smith genealogies on the internet and I am still finding trees to fix. I found your blog while I was sifting through the interwebs looking for good source information on Col. William Preston and his wife Sarah Smith. Col. Preston lived at his home he called Smithfield in Blacksburg Co, VA. I’m trying to get solid genuine proof of who his wife was a daughter of. All of the internet’s trees for her say she’s descended from (4 generations back) Maj. Lawrence Smith of Gloucester Co, VA, but I find that claim to be dubious at best. Happy hunting!

    • Hello! Yes, I do have an uncle who has submitted a yDNA test for me. Those results can be found on FTDNA. His number is 545095. I also have his information on GEDmatch – T850404. He has 3 sisters (one of whom is my mother) also on GEDmatch and Ancestry. I can give you their information as well, if that would be helpful. I would love to know if you find any type of connection for us!

      When I had him complete the test, I assumed that all of the matches that would pop up would have Smith connections, but that has not been my experience – unless I’m just not digging deep enough, which could very well be the case. It’s been a while since I have really spent time looking through matches, so I may be in for a real surprise when I do get back into it!

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. I have now found your blog and will be spending some time reading that!

  59. Hello, I love your blog. I just found it. I have also been doing research in Kentucky. Some of my ancestors, the Snow family, lived in Barren County and Metcalf County in the early 1800’s to 1850. They were related to Penicks and Quisenberrys.

    I really enjoy your downloads and your videos. I have taught Microsoft Office basics for many years so I can really appreciate the thought and care you put into your presentations. I live in southeast Wisconsin and have always wanted to go to the Allen County Library to do research. Just never got there. I love the idea of researching tax records. Never thought of that. I’m hoping to get to the library sometime this year. I’d love to meet up with you. Maybe I could get some tips on researching the library there.

    I’ve been researching most of my life and recently discovered that my Snow family ancestors take me all the way back to the Mayflower.

    Thanks for all you do. Great job!

    • Hi Mardi, thanks for your kind words! I was just working with Barren County records all day yesterday! I also looked at the ACPL site and they have tons of books on Barren County so I’m hoping to find time to get there soon. My biggest tip before visiting the library is to spend time on the Genealogy section website and check out the regular catalog AND the microtext catalog. The microfilm scanners are free – as well as printing from them – which is pretty rare these days! When you plan your trip to the library, let me know and we’ll definitely make a plan to meet!

      • Hi again, thanks for the information. I’m really looking forward to coming. I’m not sure yet when it will be, but I’m hoping it will be soon. I’ll definitely take a look at the library website. I’ve looked before, but I didn’t have a specific focus in mind, so I was just overwhelmed with information.

        I’ll definitely let you know when I am coming. Looking forward to connecting with you.

        Keep up the great work!


      • Mardi, email me when you have a plan or if you have questions on the website! lvonlanken at msn.com

      • I will definitely do that. I’m also going to do much more reading on your blog. It sounds like you went through much the same path as I did. I see you are also using Evidentia. I’m struggling with it. I’m also in the process of re-doing my tree to include evidence. It is really quite a task, as you well know.

      • You certainly don’t have to make plans based on my schedule, but I wanted to let you know that I will be on vacation for 2 weeks in November. Email me if you want to discuss.

  60. Denise Neufeld said:

    Do you know the Y DNA Haplogroup of the Dabelstein male line?

    • No, I’m sorry that I don’t. The only dna kits that I have from that side of the family would be my husband and his mother. Both kits were processed by ancestry. If there’s anything else I can give you to help out, feel free to email me at lvldna at gmail.com. I do all of my dna related correspondence through that address.

  61. I am so impressed by your work. How I would love to pick your brain and ask thousands of questions. Most of my Dads family is from the Bryan/Creeslboro area. WOW….. This is so impressive. You deserve a humanitarian award GREAT JOB!!!

    • Wow! I need encouragement like this every day – Thanks so much! It’s definitely a labor of love. Perhaps we’ll discover that we’re cousins. Always looking for those connections!

  62. Renee Matthews said:

    Just a BIG Thank You for making available your Research Plan sheet. I, too, love Excel and have found all of the research planners and logs just weren’t working for me. I found your site from Cyndis List and so thankful I did. Apparently our brains must work similarly because yours made sense! Again, thank you so much for sharing!

  63. Came here from pinterest and I saw you were from the Russel Springs area where my family is from as well. I checked your kits on GEDmatch since I some of the names were familiar and we’re a match for B.C. and P.T.

    My kit is KF1625260.

  64. Deborah Lloyd said:

    I came upon your blog while looking for genealogy organizing tools in Pinterest. I just wrote a note explaining that I’ve been having vision problems and am awaiting my new glasses and my high probabilty for misplaced words. Before I could finish my genealogy note, I lost the whole thing. So I will quit and be back soon as I’m very interested in chatting with you.


  65. Larry Nickell said:

    Hello Lisa,

    I googled Ellison Harrison Smith and for some reason your site cam e up. Ellison or Elias as I’ve seen it was born in Caldwell co., ky and is distantly kin to me. Anyway I saw your GEDmatch kit numbers and checked them with my kit# A509214 and I matched T850404 and A326218. Surprise! Any comment?

    Larry Nickell

    • Hi Larry,
      Interestingly, I’m working through a bunch of my dna matches today. Do you have a tree on Ancestry? I see your test kit came from Ancestry.
      I’m not familiar with the name Ellison Harrison Smith, but I do have 3 different men named Elias Smith in my tree. If you don’t have a tree, can you give me some details on Ellison?
      If you’d like, this conversation might be easier through email. Feel free to send me a message at LVLDNA at gmail.com.
      Thanks for getting in touch with me! That’s exactly why I started the blog!

  66. Nancy Clemmons said:

    My paternal grandmother was a Stephens from Metcalfe County, Kentucky.

  67. Hi Lisa, I really like your blog…I would love to see more of the family history books you’ve created. I send family history newsletters to my family showing my research and they really like them. I create them in Word and then send them as a pdf file.

  68. Toby Williams said:

    Good morning,

    My compliments on your work. I descend from William Stephens (d 1829) daughter Leany (several different spellings), and her husband, Laban Hampton, and would be delighted to share what I have on that side of the family with you. I think I might have the copies of William Stephens’ estate sale around somewhere as well.

    Also, many compliments on having been math teacher!

    Toby Williams

    • Nice to meet you Toby!

      I’d love to correspond with you on the Stephens family. Feel free to email me at lvonlanken at msn.com.

      Looking forward to collaborating!

  69. Hello, Lisa. I stumbled across your site last night while looking for ideas to efficiently document and organize my family research. I have only been researching seriously for the past several months and I have limited Excel experience. Wow; I am amazed at what you share so freely!

    • Thank you! I hope that the items you find here help you to stay organized from the start – something I still struggle with from time to time!

  70. Michele Miller said:

    Hey Lisa, I think I may have some information on your John M. Smith; but he might not be just yours. He migrated in 1821 to Boone County Mo along w other member of James Smith’s family.

    • Hi Michele! I’d love to hear why you think this might be the same John M. Smith. Email me at lvonlanken at msn.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  71. Hugh A Smith said:

    Hello, my name is Hugh A. Smith, my Father was Hugh Smith and my Grandfather Hugh Howard Smith (migrated to Missouri around 5yrs old from KY). I Believe I am a direct descendant of James Smith. My Father’Cousin, Virginia did quite a bit of research on this Smith line and may have had a hand in keeping the cemetery you speak of from being completely lost. I have access to some her research and may even be able to get more from her son.
    I currently live in Woodford County and teach in Fayette. Would love to talk more if you are interested.

  72. Rene Grogan said:

    Hello!I am researching the Miller Family in Russell County. My husbands great great grandfather was Isaac Miller. Isaac’s brother was Andrew Taylor Miller who lived on Whittle Ridge Road according to the 1900 census. I cannot find record of this road, just Whittle Road and Whitte Lane. Andrew and Isaacs parents where Richard Miller and Susannah Whittle. Any information you could provide on the family would be lovely. I have some pictures of the home on Whittle Ridge Road. Thank you!

    • Hi Rene,
      I suspect that area is now under the water of Lake Cumberland, but I can’t be sure. I think it might have been near the Russell Co and Wayne County boundary line just above the last “big bump” on the east end of the Cumberland River before the Lake was formed. (Wish I could attach an image for you…) I tried to find deeds for Andrew T Miller and they all said something about being “between Wolf Creek and Cumberland River”. Some mentioned being on a ridge. But the Deed books that are available online only go through 1903, so take that with a grain of salt. He may have sold all this land before the census records you were looking at. Here’s what I found. Numbers in square brackets indicate FamilySearch image numbers once you get into the right book.
      • 1873 – RC Deed Book N:168 [118] – A.T. and Elizabeth Miller to David Coffey – 14 acres “lying on the ridge between Caney Fork and Wolf Creek”
      • 1875 – RC Deed Book N:297 [182] – Isaac Whittle to Miller – 206 acres “on the ridge between Wolf Creek and Cumberland River”
      • 1875 – RC Deed Book L:69 [60] – A.T. and Elizabeth Miller to Isaac Whittle – 180 acres “lying on the water of Wolf Creek”
      • 1876 – RC Deed Book L:523 [290] – A.T. Miller to John Johnson – “between Wolf Creek and Cumberland River”
      • 1878 – RC Deed Book M:84 [425] – A.T. Miller to John Johnson – 200 acres “between Cumberland River and Wolf Creek” (near a cave)
      • 1889 – RC Deed Book P:210 [138] – A.T. and Elizabeth Miller to the Solid Rock Methodist – Episcopal Church – 1.25 acres “on the waters of Wolf Creek”

      Hope that helps. Good luck in your search!

  73. Tricia Payne said:

    You are inspiring me to start my own genealogy blog. I want to tell the stories of my family and can’t seem to find a space to do that. FamilySearch has a bio area but it doesn’t allow what I think of as storytelling where I integrate photos.

    My family settled the Kentucky mountains – in fact some were the first settlers in Floyd County. Salyersville was named for my grandpa!

    So happy I stumbled across your blog. Thanks for talking about the land trusts!


  74. Amanda R Still said:

    Love your Blog!

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