Happy New Year!

As is always the case on January 1, thoughts turn to resolutions. Well, I’ve been around long enough to know that resolutions rarely last, so I’m not going to make any grand plans for what I hope to accomplish this year – especially after 2020 showed that the best laid plans can go right out the window at a moments notice! But there are a few things I hope to do a better job with this year.

Blog – I sincerely hope to spend more time with this blog. Last spring (yikes!) I started working on a super-documented case study for John M. Smith. I’ve been researching him for years, (ok, so I’m obsessed with John…) but how did I come to the conclusions that I have been researching? I have been following a specific theory, but I could no longer remember how I came to that theory. Was I wasting my time? I decided to type everything out and to make sure I had a source for every piece of information that I had found. That document became a much longer piece than I ever dreamed, so I’m planning to break it down and post it here on the blog over a period of time. Last fall, I thought I’d start adding the posts so that they would be ready to publish on a regular basis, but I soon ran into an issue with all of the endnotes. I’m trying to come up with a good way to provide all of my information to anyone who might want to see it in such a way that it can be easily updated on the blog.

I was working on this document just about every day until suddenly, this fall, our business had an explosion of new work and I haven’t been able to do ANY genealogy research since then! The end-of-year work deadlines are complete, so while I’m happy for the new business, I sure hope I can jump back into this research! Having it laid out the way I have will be a real test as to how a document like this can help me quickly get back into the swing of research after a significant time break.

Blog 2 – I have started shifting all of my Russell County Resources that are currently found at the top of the page to a new blog specifically for those resources. I don’t like how they look at the top of this page and I’d like to have an easier way to quickly update when I find something new and the format on this blog is more complicated than it was when I first started collecting the list. I’ll be launching that soon, even though all of the information has not been copied over yet. This will be a “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” kind of project.

DNA – I have so many books on using DNA in your genealogy. I have website subscriptions and all of my oldest relatives have tested. But my money is virtually wasted because I never do anything with it. This year, I’d like to learn more about DNA painting and how that can help my research.

Photos – I still have a problem with my digital photo organization. When I need to find a specific image for a blog post or to send to a fellow researcher, I cannot easily find the image. I need to work on that.

Facebook – this is more of a wish than a plan. I would love to start a Facebook group for people researching the same Smith families that I do. I would love to use a group like this to share documents and theories to help all members of the group collect and find documents that will help further research goals for everyone. I will have to see how the business load is after this month gets going, but if YOU might be interested in such a group, let’s talk!

So there we go! Have you thought about what you hope to accomplish with your genealogy research in 2021? Whatever your goals, I hope you find great success!