Every once in awhile, I’ll come back to my research after several days away. And no matter how good my notes are, it usually takes me a little bit to really get back into it. To get back into the swing, I like to think about the information that I have and how I might organize the information in a new way in order to answer some question, look for patterns, see what information I’m missing, or just get names and locations back into my brain.

Today, I decided to put together a table of 3 generations of Smiths, the year they died and where they were buried.

What might be the next steps for this table? I could add some columns to track whether I have a photo of the cemetery stone or if I have an obituary. I might decide to spend some time in some of the cemeteries that are not in the area I normally research to see if there are other family members buried there or if there are any biographies attached to the Findagrave memorials. I could start working on the next generation. I could begin looking for new resources to help me fill in some of the blanks.

But if nothing else, it puts family names back into my mind and helps me get back on track with my research after a little time away.