Have you gone to a genealogy conference in the last year? Or watched a great genealogy webinar? Did you get excited about the information you were hearing? If you took notes, did you put your notes into practice when you got back to the “real world”?

I went to the Rootstech conference a few weeks ago and I took TONS of notes. I was most excited about the information I was collecting on doing German genealogy research for my husband’s line. But since I’ve come home, I have only gone back to look at 1 set of notes. (Couldn’t attend? You can still watch 38 presentations here!)

Maybe you can’t go to genealogy conferences. Have you ever searched for “Genealogy” on YouTube? How about watching the free webinars on  Legacy Family Tree Webinars?  They consistently put out 2-3 webinars every week and they are always free to watch for the first 7 days after they have been published. I have a subscription so that I can go back and binge watch whenever I like – and I have lots of notes on what I’m hearing!

But I don’t often go back to my notes to see what my action items were. So if you’ve ever taken notes at a conference or during a webinar, this week’s “Snack” is to find your notes and see what it was that made you so excited as you were taking those notes.

And here we are at the end of another month! Let’s take a look at the “Snacks” so far:

Snack #1 – Make a plan for Christmas Gifts 2018
Snack #2 – Download or Create a Research Plan
Snack #3 – Make an outline of your ideal Digital File System
Snack #4 – Create a “template” for naming your digital files
Snack #5 – Complete this PERSI search
Snack #6 – Fill out group sheets based on Find-a-grave
Snack #7 – Write an obituary
Snack #8 – What would you research if you could take a genealogy road trip?
Snack #9 – Create a name variation list
Snack #10 – Contribute to the Shared cM project
Snack #11 – Review your notes from a conference or webinar