It’s March! For some of us, we might be sensing the very first hints of spring. Maybe you’ve had your fill of winter and you are getting a bit of cabin fever. Wouldn’t a genealogy road trip be nice?

child-830988_640Time for a little day dreaming. If you could hit the road tomorrow, where would you go and what would you research once you got there? Take a few minutes and make a list. Keep your list handy for the next week because once you start thinking about something, your brain will keep working on it even when you aren’t aware that it is. Suddenly, a new idea will come to your mind. (Especially in the middle of the night!) Keep your list on your night stand with a pencil handy. Keep it on your desk at work. Keep it on the table next to your chair while you watch tv. You never know when inspiration will strike!

Would you:

  • Visit a cemetery?
    • Which cemetery?
    • What’s the address?
    • Who is buried there? Do you have a list of every ancestor in the cemetery?
    • Add this information to your Research Plan for that ancestor!
  • Visit the library?
    • Look for their website
    • Do they have a genealogy section?
    • Do they have vertical files? Many library keep obituaries from the local paper.
    • Does the library have old newspapers?
    • What specific books would you look for?
    • Make a list of ancestors with dates that might be included in the book.
    • Add the book to your Research Plan for that ancestor!
  • Visit the courthouse?
    • Make a “To look for” list
    • Does FamilySearch happen to have those records available online?
    • Add the records to your Research Plan!
  • Visit the historical society?
    • When do they have their meetings?
  • Interview a relative?
    • Which relative?
    • What would you ask?
    • Ask about old photos.
  • Take photos of historical places?
    • Which ones?
    • Can you find the address where an ancestor used to live or work?
    • Does it still exist?

I’d love to hear what you’d add to the list! It might be just the brain-jogger the rest of us need when making our own list!