Have just a few minutes of free time? Sitting at your desk while eating lunch? Waiting for a family member at an appointment? Then take a Snack break! A Genealogy Snack! Snacks will be ideas designed to be completed (or at least planned) in a short amount of time. Here’s the 1st snack!

Let’s think about Christmas gifts! What? I just got my Christmas decorations put away! But what about Christmas of 2018? What if we were to actually take a few minutes NOW to think about what we might like to give for a gift NEXT Christmas? Brainstorm…make a plan…make a list. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a Notes app on your smart phone or on a scrap of paper you keep on a bulletin board. Just start the plan.

For example, let’s say I want to make a family history themed calendar to give to family members next year. A traditional folded calendar with an image on top with the calendar page below with ancestor birth dates included. I’m thinking 12 ancestors represented over 12 months. That might be 4 grandparents plus 8 great-grandparents. What program or online service will I use to create the calendar? Where will I keep everything that I “collect” for each ancestor? What would I need to collect for the project?

  • a decorative background for each person
  • a photo or representative image – tombstone photo, census image
  • additional images – birth/death certificate, passenger list, family home photo for each person
  • a life synopsis for each person
  • a list of birth dates for all ancestors I hope to include in the calendar

You get the idea. Whether it’s a photo collage, ornaments or a scrapbook or whatever you WISH you’d had time to make for Christmas 2017, take a few minutes to make your plan now! If you plan to work on it a little bit each week or month, put a reminder on your phone or computer to give yourself a little nudge. Next December, you’ll be happy you did!