A continuing feature on the blog for 2018 is be a series called “120 Years Ago Today”. I’m collecting newspaper clippings relevant to Russell County from The Adair County News in the year 1898. I hope you find some surprises to add to your family tree!

I’ll be doing a bit of digital cleanup on the files to remove streaks and scratches, but you can download the original file from the link. Right-click on my image to save the cleaned-up version. I also plan to include a list of names mentioned in the articles at the end of the blog post to make it possible to find with an internet search.

Here’s the link to this edition of the newspaper. Link

Adair County News, Page2, 1898-01-12 CreelsboroAdair County News, Page2, 1898-01-12 Esto

Judge Crisp, B.F. Leach, W.B. Armstrong, Rev. Bell, Dr. T.C. Grider, Maud Grider, John Ham, Charlie Tarter, Manuel Sloan, Mark Wilson, J.D. Irvine, C.R. Royse, E.S. Bledsoe, Mrs. D.B. Barger, Loysa Royse, Mabel Phelps, Mrs. Wm Selby, Emerine Lapsley, Florence Lapsley, Ida Barger, Emerine Lapsley, Jenavieve Lapsley, Ollie Selby, J.H. Barger, D.B. Barger, Russell County