A couple of years ago, I bought an tall, skinny Christmas tree on clearance after the holidays. I decided I wanted a “family tree” in my entry way and now it’s one of my favorite things in all of my decorating. I decided to make ornaments out of old black and white family photos. This won’t be a tutorial because there are already tons of those out there, but I wanted to share my tree for those who might be looking for a Christmas project you could work on together with family.

First, I purchased some simple DIY jewelry pieces and used Mod Podge to add photos of myself and my husband when we were young. These were glued to some snowflake ornaments. Quick and easy. We are at the top of the tree.


For the rest of the family, I purchased several 2 1/2 inch wooden discs and drilled small holes at the top and painted them gold. I printed out photos of siblings, parents and grandparents for both my husband’s side of the family and my own side. These were decoupaged onto the discs. After allowing them to dry thoroughly, I added a thin layer of Sparkle Mod Podge to give them a little “snowy” feel.

I purchased inexpensive bangle type bracelets for the outer circle. The wooden circles are attached to the bracelets with fishing line and then additional fishing line was used to create the hanger. Thin red ribbon is tied to add a little color.


A few snowflake ornaments, birds, miniature red balls and ribbon are added to the rest of the tree. I love having this reminder of family front and center during the holidays!

We are currently planning a family reunion for next summer and I’m trying to decide if there would be a way to modify this using materials that are on clearance after Christmas. Can’t say I’d want to purchase that many bracelets and I think it may need to be a little simpler, but I think something with the snowflake ornaments might be doable. Something to be thinking about!