I’ve been working on additional resources for Russell County, but they aren’t coming together as quickly as I would have liked due to “regular life” as well as taking time for my own research getting in the way. I was hoping to add links to census records along with specific notes for each census for Russell County in a more organized way, but I’ve decided that I’ve just got to jump in and get them in as I have time to complete them. My plan was to start with the 1830 census – the first census that would have included Russell County and then work my way forward.

But the more interesting/popular census records start with 1850 when every name in the household was listed so maybe I should start there? Or maybe it would be better to start with the 1880 census when they also included the relationships of everyone listed? I’ve gone back and forth on various plans, but unless I wait until I have all of the census resources finished, then it’s hard to come up with an organization plan.

So instead, I’ve just decided to work on the resources with notes as my own research leads me to research in a specific census. Therefore, I’m beginning with the 1890 census and then as the others are completed, I’ll add them. This irritates my OCD side to no end, but I really want to get the information out there!

As I complete each set of census resources and notes, I’ll be adding them to the Resources Tab at the top of the blog so that they will be easy to find in one place.

I hope you find these useful!

Happy Hunting!