What do you work on when you can’t go “full bore genealogy”? I’ve been sick for a week now. I am sick of being sick. Sometimes when you’re ill, you still have a list of things that must be done. But today, I had nothing on my “must do” list, so I’ve had a light genealogy day. Meaning that I am significantly medicated and don’t have enough brain power to really think through genealogic. But I didn’t want to totally waste my day with naps and vegging in front of the tv, so I tried to think of things I could do that would be helpful later when I’m back to full geneastrength.

I decided that I would spend small chunks of time looking at source citations in my group sheets. I really struggle with creating “correct” citations, so I figured that working with something that I could copy and modify would be good. As I go, I’m trying to keep a “catalog” of the citations I create so that I can use them as templates as I go through my group sheets because I use the same sources for multiple families.

As I look at the week ahead, I see potential for more light genealogy days, so what else could I be working on?

  • Confirm that all of my digital genealogy files follow my standard naming convention
  • Take a look at “easy pickings” leaf hints on Ancestry. I enjoy using the Ancestry app on my iPad for this. I usually find tons of records for collateral lines that I don’t traditionally research from the website. It might be nothing but census records – and that’s about the speed I can handle when I’m medicated.
  • Update my catalog of online resources that I keep on Trello – anything new on FamilySearch?
  • Print out and read the notes that I’ve assembled on ancestors with the goal of marking up the document with questions that come to mind as I read. What else could I add to my notes to make them more complete or more enjoyable for family members to look at?

No real research for now. In my drug-addled state, it would be too easy to miss an important fact or come to an incorrect conclusion. But this is a good time to do some easy research or general housekeeping items to make my research time later even better.