Sometimes, I like to surf through editions of “The Adair County News” found on the Chronicling America section of the Library of Congress because I occassionally run across an unexpected tidbit for one of my ancestors and to get a flavor for the timenegative-one-degrees.

You might see some information to give you a little background on what was happening in the life of your ancestor.




Or read about a political scandal:



Usually they included a lot of local news (gossip?) for Russell County, including this gem for a new store in Russell County which apparently sold “Dry Gods” and “Booots”! (So happy for spell check now!)


Each section of local news contained a header with the name of the community that was reporting. But did you know that the names of some of the towns in Russell County changed over time?

If you’re looking for a section for Russell Springs, you’d better know how the town name changed over time.

This area was known as “Big Boiling Springs” by 1850. There were many mineral springs in the area which were sought after for their health-giving properties and eventually, (by the 1890’s) it became a resort area with a 25 room hotel and a 10 room motel.

“Big Boiling Springs” became “Russell Springs” by 1855, but by 1888, the town was named “Kimble”. In the earliest editions of “The Adair County News”, Kimble is what you should be looking for.

The name “Russell Springs” made a come-back in 1901 and it has kept it’s name since that time.