How often have you looked at information you’ve written somewhere and wondered, “Where in the world did I find THAT?” It happens to me a LOT. Usually, it’s when I look at information I had collected as a new genealogist (because I’m FAR wiser now than I was then! LOL!)

When you have a great deal of information that you are collecting such as we have been doing while building a surname database, you have to decide if you’re going to take the time right now to create your final source citation or if you’re going to collect the information that you will create your final citation from. In this video, we will be creating hyperlinks which we can click on to go directly to the document the information is coming from. Did you know that FamilySearch provides a citation for each document they have scanned? But there’s more than one citation included depending on where you look so we will also be collecting all of the source information using the comments feature in Excel because there is no option for adding a footnote.

I’ll also show you one of my absolute favorite tools in Excel – the filter. When I have an overwhelming list in Excel, I use the filters option to look at small, specific chunks at a time.