I decided to start building a marriage database for all Stephens marriages in Russell County between 1825 and 1900. As I was going through the various marriage bonds, I found a marriage for Andrew J. Stephens Jr and Lola Tarter and the name of the person who performed the marriage was another ancestor of mine – Jehu Rumbo! Beneath his name, it said “Minister B Church”.


I had no idea that he was a minister! I did a little more digging and found 11 additional marriages performed by Jehu. How I wish I could figure out what church “B Church” stands for!

The other unexpected tidbit is that this marriage is the last marriage that I have found for Jehu (so far!) and that it helps me narrow down his date of death a bit. I already had 1895 as the date – found in a county history book – but this final marriage took place on Feb. 28, 1985. I can find no probate records for Jehu and no mention of his death in court records. I may have to branch out to search a few other counties.

Finding this record was a bonus that I was not expecting!