When you get on the FamilySearch website and look at the list of available marriage records for Kentucky, you might get excited. And then you click on the link and scroll down to the link that says “browse through images”, you’d expect to see a list of counties to click on. Instead, you see a screen full of numbers.


But which one is Russell County? You might click on a few numbers to see if you can get lucky, but there are a LOT of numbers and pretty soon, you just give up.

Recently, I was able to find some marriage records for one of my ancestors so yesterday, I took the time to make some notes so that I’ll be able to find these records easier the next time. I thought you might find the list helpful as well. The following links are the first 10 marriage books specifically for Russell Co, Kentucky.

v. 1 – 1826-1854 (Begins with Image 6)
v.2 – 1854-1860 (Image 62)
v.2 -1861-1867 (Image 5)
v.3 – 1867-1875 (Image 358)
v.4 – 1875-1787 (Image 5)
v.5 – 1876-1880 (Image 146)
v.6 – 1880-1883 (Image 480)
v.7 – 1883-1886 (Image 5)
v.8 – 1886-1889 (Image 348)
v.9 – 1889-1892
v.10 – 1892-1895

If you aren’t familiar with the microfilm viewer on FamilySearch, take a look at the video “Finding Information on FamilySearch” in the Video Tutorials tab at the top of the blog.