This is the 6th and final tutorial video for the “Family Land Sheet”. My goal with the videos has been to show various functions within Microsoft Word while creating a genealogy form that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s really about how to use Word, but with a fun example to work with.

In this video, I’m showing how to change how often Word automatically saves your document as well as showing how to add an automatically updating date in the header and the file path for your document in the footer. No more looking at printouts and trying to remember what you named the file or where you saved it on your computer!

I also show how to add an “object” within the Family Land Sheet. Inserting objects is a way to add a document within a document and have it update automatically. In this case, I’m adding a Family Group Sheet to the Family Land Sheet so I can quickly see relationships for the subject. When an update is made to the original Family Group Sheet, the information will automatically be updated within the Family Land Sheet. (Did you notice that this video is all about letting Word do work automatically?)

My plan for my next video series will be showing how to collect information from FamilySearch and use the information to build a database within Excel. Once again, the purpose will be to show how to use Excel, but hopefully, you’ll have a helpful database full of information on your family once you are done.

Stay tuned for that!