As I’ve been working with my own Family Land Sheets, I’ve been amazed at the number of documents that I can tie into my sheet.  Not just deeds, but transcriptions, court records, marriage records, probate records, and even group sheets and maps. And it doesn’t matter how organized I am with my file naming or folder organization, sometimes, it just takes time to drill down to the correct folder to open a file to double check exactly what it said. That’s where hyperlinks come in. Once you’ve hyperlinked a document to some specific text or image in the Land Sheet, it only takes a single click to open the document or web page.

In this video, I’ve shown how to add hyperlinking within the body of the document, in the endnotes and in the comments. I also show how to add a hyperlink with your email address if you want to share your document with other researchers as well as how to add a bookmark so you can add a hyperlink to jump to a specific place within the document.

I’m only planning one more video using the Family Land Sheet as an illustration. After that, I’ve got some ways to use Excel coming up!