In my last post, I created a video to show how to use Microsoft Word to create your own Family Land Sheet. The great thing about creating your own forms is being able to include the information that YOU think will be most helpful in your research. The FLS is my own personal research buddy that helps me see patterns that I probably wouldn’t see just by reading and even transcribing documents and it remembers everything for me because my brain sure isn’t what it used to be!

As I begin to enter information into the FLS, I’ve stated that the goal is to collect information from every land transaction involving any John Smith in Mercer County. Then, I’ll analyze the information to see if I can determine a way to tell different men with the same name apart.

Once again, I’ve created a video showing all of the steps involved in getting information into the form as well as ways to make the information as readable as possible. In the video, I use an Alt code to enter a £ and I mentioned that I’d include a link to other Alt codes in the blog, so here it is!

Alt Code Cheat Sheet

I’ll take the time now to say that there are ways other than using Alt codes to make these symbols, but I personally am partial to keyboard shortcuts so that’s what I normally use.