Introducing – Video Tutorials! (Or download the form here to save time of creating your own!)

Yesterday, I wrote about why I decided to create a new form to track a lifetime of land transactions for my ancestors. Digging deep into the lives of our ancestors often means looking at land deeds. Deeds can help us determine family relationships

Deed 1 and the names of neighbors.

Deed 2If an ancestor is selling his land, the wife’s name is usually included in the deed.

Deed 3Dates of deeds can tell us when a person has died or moved away from an area. Clues in deeds can also help us distinguish between men with identical names.

Deed 4

But sometimes, reading those deeds can get confusing, especially if your ancestor had a lot of land transactions or if the land was described with metes and bounds.

Deed 5

For all those reasons, I decided that I wanted a form that is similar to a Family Group Sheet, but to have the focus be on all of the land records instead of all of the children. So I created a “Family Land Sheet” to help me organize my information and to help me look for clues that are so easy to overlook.


You can download my Family Land Sheet here, or keep reading and learn more about using features in Microsoft Word to create your own version!

Today, I’d like to show you how to create your own Family Land Sheet in Microsoft Word. I started trying to type out the instructions, but it was getting rather lengthy, so instead, I decided to try my hand at creating a video.

I have been thinking for quite awhile about making a series of videos on how to use Word and Excel, but I kept getting tripped up by thinking of what to show in each video and how many videos to create. I know that some people would have very little experience and would like to see “beginner steps” and others would be bored with seeing videos showing basic skills. So I’ve decided that I will show how to create specific items within Word (Excel examples are coming as well) and over time, a variety of skills will be covered.

I’ve created a YouTube channel and I plan to add videos there as well as embedding them within my blog. I’ve added a page to the blog (see the top tabs) that will keep all of the videos without the extra blog text. This is an evolving plan, so I don’t want to over promise, but I am excited to build a “library” of videos geared specifically to genealogists for you to watch whenever you’d like. I hope you find it helpful!