Last week, while doing some research, I decided to go back over the list of FamilySearch microfilms that I have put on indefinite loan to have access to at my library whenever I want. There was 1 roll of Mercer County deeds that I was hoping was on the list, but it was not. So I went to the FamilySearch site to look up the film number. While on the site, I noticed new icons that I’ve never noticed before. Some listings have small film roll icons which mean that a microfilm is available, but others have small cameras. So what happens when you click on a camera? You will see all of the images are available to view online!

So what kind of records can you find? Let me give you a taste of what’s available for Mercer County, Kentucky:

This is a phenomenal resource that’s available right from home! Any day, any time of day – not just when my library is open! Available for quick look-ups or all-day research sessions without packing up my stuff and driving to the library! Quick downloads directly to my computer instead of time spent scanning…this is genealogy heaven!

I’m not sure how they determine which films will be put online, but I was shocked at the number for Mercer County! Not quite as many for Russell County, but not a bad little list. It seems, the earliest films are being scanned first – which is good for me because I’m not interested in much beyond 1830. And I’m assuming that this is a work in process, so I’ll be checking back often.

So if you’d like to see what available for your research, click here and enter your location and take a look! Hopefully, you’ll be doing a genealogy happy dance too!