I haven’t been able to spend time at the Allen County Public Library in awhile, but I’ve had a couple of days recently to come in again and there have been some updates in the microfilm room. In the past, the room was huge with many rows of microfilm readers and about 10 scanners. When I came this time, I was surprised to find that the room has been divided in half, which I think is excellent because I just never saw that many of the readers being used at the same time. I believe the non-microfilm portion is being used for classes, but I could be wrong.  The sign says “Discovery Center”.

Now there are 22 readers and 8 scanners which I believe are the same scanners that have been here for quite awhile. But there are 2 new scanners which are AWESOME! The camera takes the entire image at once. No more waiting for the camera to pass over the film once for a preview then again for the scan itself. And the image is wonderfully clear!

You have the option of sending your scans to your email, Google Drive, or Dropbox in addition to your flash drive. Printing is also available (still for free, which I find incredible!) You also have the ability to name each file while scanning and can name the folder you are saving to on your flash drive.  In the past, I would try to keep a list of what I was scanning and then rename everything once I got home.

While the scanner takes place in a flash, the saving process can take quite awhile if you choose to save in a larger file size. After doing a few experiments, I’ve decided that the default setting (300 dpi) looks wonderful enough to use without changing anything and saving at that size is pretty quick. When I scanned my first 4 images, I chose 1200 dpi and saving took close to 20 minutes! If I think a scan will be difficult to read due to scratches or fading and I know I’ll want to really zoom in on something, I’m changing the setting to 600 dpi, but that significantly changes the saving time.  In fact, I’m writing this as I wait for 10 images to save at a 900 dpi setting. But if I can finally make out what those lines are saying, it’s time well spent!

if your coming to the library, be sure to give the new scanner a try!