Have you ever tried the Genealogy Search Engine? It’s a free customized Google search which focuses solely on worldwide websites that contain free genealogy records. I receive a monthly newsletter from GenealogyInTime Magazine and it always gives a list of new records that have appeared online in the past month as well as a link to the Search Engine.

I was recently out of town with very little genealogy information with me and so I decided to give it a try with my biggest brick wall – John M. Smith. It was able to find a web page that had a Revolutionary War Pension application in the Russell County Court Records. The Pension application was for one of my ancestors – Jordan George – and I could not figure out why the Search Engine had taken me to that site.

As I read through the questions, I finally realized that the Justice of the Peace who was asking the questions of Jordan and his witness was none of than John M. Smith! I knew that John was a JP, but I have never noticed his name on any document like this – which makes me think that I need to go take a look at the microfilm to see if he’s listed on other similar things.

This record gave me no additional information for John, but it was nice to see one of those “slice of life” types of things – and the fact that both of the men were my ancestors was the icing on the cake!

I highly recommend the Search Engine. There is also a link in the left hand column with a short guide to formatting your search terms that I found helpful.

Give it a try! Good luck!