I spent the weekend transferring re-discovered files from an external drive into my Google Drive and while doing so, I discovered a few discrepancies in the files names of some records.  Specifically, some file names used the abbreviation “Bk” while some spelled out the word “Book”. While I was updating those, I also added a new level of detail to the file names.

In my genealogy notes in Word, I’ve linked each document referenced to the digital file in Google Drive. My notes include a cropped image showing just the section that pertained to my ancestor, but if I want to examine the full document, I can click on the link to open the document in Google Drive. After modifying so many file names, I realized I would need to go back to re-link all of the documents.

But as I went through my note file, I tested each link and they all worked! Chalk up one more advantage to storing on Google Drive – the link is not related to the file name itself, just it’s location in my Drive.