In my last post, I stated that I was pausing all record collection until I got my files, piles, folders and binders organized for at least 1 ancestor – John M. Smith. That project is going well, but I hit a wall when it came to the digital records.  Oh, I’ve been working on it, but I’m at a point where I’m paralyzed with fear!

I’ve written before about my love affair with flash drives: Confession of a Flash Addict. And I still haven’t been able to break the habit! Well, my problem is the great fear of deleting something that’s had information added that I didn’t add to the “master” file because I didn’t happen to have the “master flash” with me at that moment. So I’ve decided that using “THE CLOUD” as my master file has got to be the answer.  I can’t think of too many places I would be that I don’t have internet access except in my car and in certain hotels. In those cases, I’ll have to take only the files that I’ll be working on and put them on a flash drive and then replace all of the files in the cloud after a trip – and then delete them from the flash drive. If I’m missing a file that I need, then I’ll just have to find the nearest McDonald’s or Starbucks, get the file and then be back on my way.

So I’m taking a step – I’ve decided that during this organization phase,  as I put a file out on Sky Drive (I guess this is now actually called One Drive), I will find copies of that file on each flash drive and delete it.  I would never have the time to go through each file to compare, so I’m going to have to live with the consequences of my actions and choose the file that I think is most complete and get rid of the rest. Yes, get rid of them! That’s the only way to know that the file that I’m working on has all of the updated information.

Now, I’m not too worried about most of my files, but I know I’ve done more work on my Stephens family and my Smith family than any other family. So those notes and group sheets will be compared.  But everything else, I’m taking on faith. I’ve already started the process. All of my digital notes files have been uploaded except for Smiths and Stephens.  John M. Smith’s notes have been extensively updated as I’ve been going through organizing piles, so those are already on the cloud. I don’t believe I’ve updated any other Smith notes except John M, so the other family members should be easy to do a quick comparison and then upload and delete from the flash.  The Stephens family notes will have to wait for awhile, so those will remain on the flash.

Now I do have a small confession to make.  Yesterday was my birthday, so I did take a trip to the library and I collected a few tax records and deeds. Those have been properly labeled and today, will be uploaded directly to the cloud and then deleted from the flash that I had to put them on at the library. These records are for “possible connections”, so for the most part, they don’t affect any of the notes files I’ve got going with the exception of some expanded tax information that I didn’t have before. That info was added to my newly updated and uploaded master notes for John M. Smith.

So on with the organization! Or should I say, on with the deleting! (YIKES!)