Today was the last day of school (insert happy dance here!) and not only was it the last day of the school year, but it was my last day as an Algebra teacher! Tomorrow is my last day (clean out day!) and then I’m “retiring”. Well, I’m actually going to be working at home with my husband in a business we started about a year ago. But it means a major shift to the routine of my days – some days will be filled beyond belief and other days will be pretty open. THOSE days will be genealogy days, of course!

Tonight, I was in a genealogy mood, but just too physically tired to get out files or go to the library, so I decided to take a “stroll” through my own blog.  I searched for all of the posts I’ve written about a particular ancestor and I was amazed at how much I had written – and how much I had FORGOTTEN that I had written! Lots of ideas for things to research – research plans, books to look for and connections to consider.

So my “tip of the day” is to re-read what you’ve written on your own blog! See what your thought processes were in the past and see what you still need to follow up on!