In my last post, I was craving a giant bulletin board to try to sort all of the wills and deeds and marriage records, etc. for the different John Smiths that I’ve found.  So I thought I’d go back to a web site that I used to use several years ago for class projects.  The site is, but boy has it changed a lot since I’ve used it last!

I can’t say that I feel that it is a super easy site to learn, but there are some video tutorials that would be helpful – if I would take the time to watch them! I thought I knew enough to get a basic start, so I just jumped right in.

The cool thing about the site is that you can zoom in or out as much as you want, so my goal is to create an area for at least 3 different John Smiths with each man’s will at the center of their area.  You can include images or text and you can create paths so that a presentation will flow from one area to another as you direct.  But I want to be able to quickly move from one area to another, so I’m just creating my giant bulletin board.

I’m putting the will in the center of each area.  Then I’m placing text for each person mentioned in the will around the circle.  As I find information for each person, I’m adding that along with a line to connect the person to the document or information.  If you double click on an area, the program will zoom to that area for a closer look.  So I can zoom out to see the whole project:

full prezi

Or I can double click to zoom in on a specific person:

zoomed prezi

If you’ve told the site to keep the full sized image when uploading, you can click on an image until it is full screen to be able to read the text. I’m trying to include marriage documents, wills, land records or other information paying close attention to witnesses and neighbors to try to make connections for each family. For example, if a John Smith gave permission for his daughter to marry and the witness to the consent was a neighbor of a specific John Smith, then that could help me narrow down which land deeds go with which man.

It’s pretty slow going because I did not take the time to watch the tutorials – and I’m sure there are some awesome features that I’m not using. It is certainly a work in progress! It is easy to move objects and text at any time, I just wish I could move a group of objects at the same time. (Which is probably possible, I just haven’t learned it yet.)

The free account comes with 100 MB of space – enough for a “few prezi’s” according to the website. I thought it was interesting enough to share my idea, but I’m no where near being knowledgeable enough to give any “how to” information. I just thought you might like to see what I’m doing to see if you might like to give it a try.