Oh the weather outside is frightful…..well, maybe not that bad…but cloudy and snowing none the less.  Not a storm, but a steady flurry of snow with dreary clouds everywhere.  And my sinus headache reminds me what the weather is, even when I can’t see the skies!

This morning, I went to the library with a list of deeds to scan and wouldn’t you know it, several pages on the reel were not scanned in focus – including a short series of pages containing a deed I was especially anxious to see.  I scanned the page anyway and printed it out before leaving. It almost looks like it was filmed twice in the same frame.  So I knew I’d want to transcribe the page immediately or I’d look at it later and be less than motivated to try to decipher it.


Enter the sinus headache – there was no way my eyes could go back and forth between the document and the computer screen.  Not even if I had the scan and word processor side by side.  My head would have split wide open leaving quite a mess on my desk!  If only I could read it out loud and have someone else type it for me….wait a minute…..what about Siri on my cell phone?

I decided to give it a try and I think I have a new “normal” way to transcribe my documents! I opened a new email, clicked on the microphone and began to read. She was amazing at recording what I was saying!  Of course, a few words were “auto-corrected”, but those were easy to find and correct in my word processor.  I was able to read several sentences before Siri would “bing” at me, indicating that her memory was packed, so I’d click “done”, she’d type what I had so far and then I’d click the microphone and continue reading.  By the time I was done, I had a nice little email ready to send.

I copied the email into my word processor and began to read for accuracy.  Since I’d just read it out loud, most things I was able to fix without even looking at the horrible copy I had from the microfilm.  Some of the “misinterpretations” included:

appurtenances>after 10 manses (what???)
aforesaid>at four said

Overall, not too bad! I’m certainly going to use this method for the other deeds that I scanned today and if they go as smoothly as this one did – I may be grabbing my book of deeds to see how many I can get transcribed this week-end!

And now I’m thinking about using this same method during my 10 minute drive home from the library.  Seems like my brain churns out questions about what I’ve just discovered and using Siri to type an email to myself as I think of these questions would be an easy way to make my list while everything is still fresh in my mind.

Hmmm….other thoughts are now going through my mind….this could get interesting!