Recently, a US History teacher in my school asked me if I could “come up with something” to help his students determine if they had any ancestors who had arrived through Ellis Island. Since we’ve had several snow days here (actually, little snow but wind chills around -25!!) I’ve had plenty of time to put together a packet for his class showing how to find that out using only free web sites –, and Steven Morse’s One Step site (although I did mention that the local library may give access to Ancestry, which ours does.)

I thought I’d offer the packet to anyone who might find it useful as well.  It is a PDF document with clickable links as well as a family tree circle chart, blank 1940 census example and blank 1930 census example. It is designed so that it can be broken down into sections easily and I do give basic information on Bob Hope as a search subject if no family of their own came through Ellis Island.

The information in the packet is certainly not entirely from my own brain, but the layout of the packet is, so I put a copyright at the bottom with absolutely no legal knowledge on my part! Needed? I don’t know.  Illegal? I hope not!

If you just happen to be a genealogist who just happens to be a teacher who just happens to be reading my blog….enjoy!

Did Your Ancestors Come Through Ellis Island?