I was taking a look at my blog statistics today and I noticed that quite often, people find my blog by doing an internet search for people who happen to be my ancestors.  For example, a search for “John Smith Russell County Kentucky”.

Oh, how I wish those people would let me know that we may be researching the same line! I’ve always heard that a blog would be a great way to meet “cousins”, but I can only think of a couple of times that I’ve been contacted by a related researcher who found my family information through this blog.

Now, I really don’t want to sound “snooty”, but if I put my information out on this blog and find researchers who are reading it, but not at least letting me know that we may be related, then there can be no sharing of information, but only taking. Even if a person feels they have nothing to share, at the very least, we could become research “buddies” who could each look at questions from different angles and look at research opportunities that one of us has that the other doesn’t.

Doesn’t that sound lovely??