Hallelujah, it’s that time of year again – midterm exams! That means no lesson plans, no worksheets to create, no notes to type out, no after school tutoring – just sitting back and watching students take the tests. And better yet, this year I only have to be available during my own tests, I don’t have to proctor for anyone else! Instead, I’ll be the technology help desk person, but as long as our internet doesn’t go down, it should be a pretty easy week.

Which means I can “think genealogy” while the school is quiet and everyone is occupied!

So, to get back into genealogy mode, I’m “information surfing” this morning, which everyone does. But, I’m working the opposite way I normally do. Instead of looking at blanks on my group sheets and trying to find information, I’m taking a series of records on Ancestry and looking page by page to see anyone with my surnames and then adding new information to my charts that way. So far, I’m looked through all of the death certificates for Russell County in 1918 and 1919. As I add new documents to my tree, I’m also taking a look on Findagrave for the cemetery listed on the death certificate. From there, I’ll look for everyone in that cemetery with the same surname.

So while these aren’t necessarily people I would have purposely researched (usually, collateral lines), I AM filling in blanks, which makes me a happy camper! It’s “easy” research and I know that interruptions are no big deal, which is great for me right now as I try to nurse my 17 year old through the incredibly painful time of tonsillectomy recovery.

In case I don’t get to post again this week, Merry Christmas everyone! As I think about the grieving families in Connecticut, I’m once again reminded of how good God has been to me this year and I pray you feel the same!