I haven’t posted anything in FOREVER and today, I finally got to spend some time looking at my genealogy files. I’ve had a possible family for Lucy Stephens and tonight, I tried to work out from that family to see if I can find the connection to her husband’s family – Andrew Stephens.

So this may make no sense at all, but I wanted to get it in writing so that the next time I get a chance to look at files, I’ll remember what I was thinking. I’m also hoping that by getting my theory out there, someone might be able to give me some ideas of where else I can look for clues.

Andrew Stephens married Lucy Stephens in Ripley County, Missouri, in 1858. I have NOTHING else in my database for Ripley County, so I thought that might be a clue I could follow, but I cannot find any Stephens family in the 1850 census with a Lucy in the family. How might Andrew Stephens meet someone from Ripley County? How do I know this is the right family? Because the death certificate for their first child, who died in 1861 indicated that she was born in Missouri in 1859. By 1860, this family was in Alabama, but then in Metcalfe County, Kentucky by 1861 as seen by the death record of their first child and a few months later, the birth of their second child. Also in Metcalfe County – Andrew’s uncle, Sherwood. (1860 census)

So I thought I’d widen my search for an 1850 Kentucky census record with a Lucy Stephens of the correct age.  I found 1 possible record in Adair County (part of which became Metcalfe County in 1860). This record shows a Mary Stephens, age 40, with an Elizabeth, age 19, Lucy, age 7 and AJ, age 3.

I believe I see this family again in 1860 living next door to Andrew and Lucy in Franklin County, Alabama. This time, it is “Polly” age 55, Elizabeth, age 30 and Andy, age 16. Both of these families are 5 pages away from Andrew’s father, William Stephens who happens to have a sister named Polly (she is mentioned in their father’s will). Another strange item, Andrew and his small family are also listed in the household of his father, William. later, in 1880, Polly is living with her brother William.

So I have 3 siblings with whom Andrew and/or Lucy are always near in the census records:

1850 1860 1870 1880
Mary “Polly” b. @1807 Adair Franklin, AL ? Russell
William b. @1813 Marion, AL Franklin, AL Russell Russell
Sherwood b. @1815 Adair Metcalfe Metcalfe Metcalfe
Lucy b. @1842 m. Andrew 1858 Adair? Metcalfe/Franklin ? Russell

Bottom line – I have to wonder if Lucy is the daughter of Mary “Polly”. (I have never found a husband, so did Mary/Polly have a different maiden name? I went through the Adair County tax records and my notes say that I could not find a Mary Stephens listed, but now I wonder if I need to go back and look for a Polly.) Andrew is the son of William and that would make Andrew and Lucy cousins.

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