For the first time ever, a few people in my Mom’s family have asked that we organize a time to get together to take a look at my family history information! So I’ve spent a couple of days trying to get my stuff into a more entertaining format that might “hook” me some more information. I will be giving them a Word print out of a 3 generation timeline/narrative format of my notes with as many maps, photographs and certificate images as I could reasonably put in there. I have information from my great-great grandparents births to my grandparents deaths. I also included a lot of pictures of my mom and her siblings growing up hoping to jog some memories out of my aunts and uncles.

It’s a 30 page, color coded, sources cited wonder to behold! (Well, at least to me!) We’re getting together tomorrow and it will be interesting to see the reaction and to see if they are interested in seeing more details or more generations. A warm-up for the DVD project to come!

Wish me luck!!