I’ve always said that I tend to make better discoveries whenever I reorganize information into a different format.  Whether it’s putting together an Excel file or a Research Plan or whatever, I usually see something that I’ve had in my notes forever, but never was able to see the significance for.

So I’m loving this binder that organizes all of the information that I have for the 5 different Andrew Stephens men.  VERY little of it is new, it’s just that now all of the information is together in one place. (See the tab at the top to see specific information for each Andrew (still in progress)).

I now realize that Andrew 4 is the Uncle of Andrew 1 AND the wife of Andrew 3.  (Which means that Andrew 1 is the brother-in-law to Andrew 3.) Andrew 2 is the son of Andrew 1 and therefore Andrew 3 is the Uncle to Andrew 2. This makes alot more sense in a diagram, but I haven’t taken the time to create a digital version.

I know that Andrew 3’s father is Ebenezer Stephens.  I tried to do some research on him this evening to try to find a family connection, but so far, no luck. My last Andrew (Andrew 5) is a total mystery for me. He was married to Susan Presha Smiley and while I can find quite a bit on her family, I do not have any reliable information on his parentage, so I cannot tell if there is a connection or not, but I’ll be looking for one! I have a feeling that some of my answers may lie in land records and at this time, I’m not quite up to a day of research at the library, so I’ll have to see if I happen to have something in my filing cabinet already.

I realize that anyone NOT researching these men is totally turned off by my number system here, it’s just more of a progress report on the binder project than anything else.