As my binder grows with printouts, I can see that I know more about the various Andrews than I thought I did when I began the binder. I’ve had alot of “oh yeah! – now I remember!” moments.

I think I’m going to create a separate page on this blog to keep a table of information for the various Andrews so if there are any other Andrew Stephens researchers out there, they can see what I have and maybe lead me to sources I haven’t thought of yet. I’m going to try to update the page any time I find new information and I’ll try to be good with source citations – but I make no promises on the format of the citations.  I certainly have the “citation bug”, I just don’t have the strain of the virus that makes me stress over commas and publishers and such. (Especially at this point in my recovery!)

See the tab at the top of the screen if you’d like to follow along with the information gathering!