When I first began blogging, I wrote about my organization system. Basically, I have a school style 3-prong folder for each married couple.  I put about 5 sheet protectors in it to keep hard copies of things I find for that couple. (Anything for the individuals before they were married stay with their parents’ folder.) I keep a 5 gen chart, group sheet and research plan in the front pocket.  I keep hard copies of census records (if I’ve printed one) in the back pocket. Other things are kept in the page protectors in chronological order.  So if I find marriage info, birth of children, land sales, biographies, death certs, etc. I put those in the page protectors.

Later, I developed a system for keeping my genealogy research with me at school using half-sheet sized groups sheets, notes, research logs, etc. When students are taking a test or I’m sitting in the car waiting for my kids, or any other time I’ve got a few minutes, I can pull out my research planner and jot some thoughts down or make research plans.

So my first edition of 30 Minute Genealogy involves my folders and planner. If I have a short period of time in the evening after grading and planning is finished, I could grab a family folder and check:

  • Is the group sheet up to date?
  • Group sheet for my planner?
  • Can I find the occupation for each person?
  • Do I have a source for each fact?
  • Is the source in my database?
  • Create a list of questions/resources for my research plan
  • Are they any new shaky leaves in Ancestry?
    1. Search Mocavo
    2. Search FamilySearch
  • Create a group sheet for each child

I think I just might grab a folder now!