I am at the beginning of a 3 day week-end. I have not done ANY genealogy in WEEKS!  Why?  Because I can’t say no! Which isn’t always a bad thing, but I tend to overestimate exactly how much work I can do in a day.

I have a full time job teaching high school math and training teachers in how to use MacBooks in their classrooms. In addition to that, I have accepted another project that has turned into the equivalent of another full time job – which I am enjoying, but it is keeping me from having any free time at all.

This project is comprised of 14 smaller projects.  I am down to my last 5 mini-projects and they are the smallest of the 14 projects. I need to be finished with everything by Monday afternoon.  So, in addition to this, I’m DETERMINED to get some library time this week-end.  I have 5 FHL films at my library, and they won’t be here forever! So I’m challenging myself by breaking this project down with a “genealogy reward” between each mini-project.

It is currently 11:15. If I can finish one of my 5 mini-projects before 2:00, I will reward myself today with 2 hours at the library. I will come back to begin watching the football playoffs – during which I’ll be working on another project. Overall project goal: 2 mini-projects completed today and 2 hours at the library.

Tomorrow will be church, then lunch, then an afternoon of football – and working on mini-projects.  I COULD say that if I complete 2 more mini-projects during the football games, then I can spend any “left-over” time organizing my genealogy binder, buy if I can complete ALL of the remaining projects by tomorrow evening, I will give myself an entire DAY of genealogy on Monday, both at the library and at home.

Is this a legitimate genealogy blog post? I don’t know, but by putting these goals out there “for the public”, I hope to be more determined to GET THEM DONE!

UPDATE: 1:40 – phase one COMPLETE!!

UPDATE 2: 10:00 pm – I accomplished my goals for today PLUS one EXTRA mini-project!  VERY HAPPY!