Yesterday, my daughter (a high school junior) told me that her history teacher is giving extra credit to whoever brings in the “biggest, gnarliest family tree” (you have to know the guy) – which they have to make themselves.  For years, I’ve been teased by my daughter about my genealogy research, but suddenly, she’s asking for information and as she began to make her chart, she told me that if she gets the extra credit, she’ll never make fun of my genealogy again.

Using the information I have, she’s attempting to create a NINE-gen chart on a 6 foot scroll of paper.  So far, she’s spent an hour and half just drawing the lines.  It should be a bit more interesting for her when she starts adding the names and dates.  And who knows, maybe she’ll catch a bit of the bug?  Probably just the opposite, but stranger things have been known to happen!