This one confuses me a little.  I had found the grant quite awhile back.  When I found the warrant, the database also contained a link to the grant.  When I click on the grant link, it does not take me to the correct one.  In the database, it lists “Cain Run” as the watercourse, but Cain Run is not part of the grant you get with the link. For the grant that I have, Adam is an assignee of John Bowman instead of having a warrant of his own.  Until I have time to really sit down and analyze these, I’m just going to post what I have.

Adam Smith is the oldest of the 3 Smith brothers.


Kentucky County (pct?)

We do hereby certify that Adam Smith is entitled to a settlement of four hundred acres of land in the district of Kentucky on account of raising a crop of corn in the County in the year 1776 lying on Cain Run to include a Mill Seat and adjoining the lands of Harlan V William Bryan Heir to David Bryan dec’d to include his improvement and that the said Smith is also entitled to the Preemption of one thousand acres of land adjoining the said settlement given under our hands at (S Araph) this 25th day of April 1780.


Grant Book 1, pg. 161
Adam Smith 400 acres Lincoln 

Benjamin Harrison Esquire Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia to all to whom these presents shall come Greeting.  Know ye that in consideration of the sum of one hundred and sixty pound paid by Adam Smith into the Treasury of the Commonwealth There is Granted by the said Commonwealth unto the said Adam Smith assignee of John Bowman, a certain tract or parcel of land containing four hundred acres Surveyed the thirtieth day of May, one thousand, seven hundred, and eighty one or part of a preemption Treasury Warrant number five hundred and sixty and issued the first day of April, one thousand, seven hundred and eighty, lying and being in the County of Lincoln, adjoining John Bowman’s settlement on Harrods run, on the side and bounded a followeth, to wit, Beginning in Harrods line at a white oak and honey locust, running from thence with Bowman’s line North three hundred and twenty poles crossing Harrods run to a white oak and two Buckeyes in McBrides line, thence, with him East ninety poles to two white oaks and honey locust thence with said McBride, South ninety nine poles to four white oaks all from one root, thence with said McBrides line East two hundred and thirty poles crossing Harrods run twice to a (post) oak, white oak, and Walnut, in Adam Fisher’s line thence South ninety poles with Fishers to a sugar tree and small Walnut the corner of Zachariah Smiths land thence with in Smiths line West eighty poles to an Elm and Ash near Harrods run, thence South thirty two degrees West, one hundred and fifty Eight poles with said Smiths line and corner with him to two sugar trees, and white oak, thence West one hundred and sixty poles with said Smiths and Harrods lines to the beginning with its appurtenances, to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said Adam Smith and his heirs forever. In witness whereof the said Benjamin Harrison Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, hath hereunto set his hand and caused the lesser seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed at Richmond on the first day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty two and of the Commonwealth the seventh.

Benjamin Harrison