Kentucky County pct

We do hereby certify that Zachariah Smith is entitled to a settlement of four hundred acres of land in the district of Kentucky on account of raising a crop of corn in the county in the year 1776 lying on Harrods Run known by the name of Crows Mill Seat about three miles Major Harrods and two miles from Dicks River and that the said Zachariah Smith is also entitled to the preemption of one thousand acres of land adjoining the said settlement Given under our hands at Harrodsburgh this 28th day of January 1780.


Question: Why is the grant NOT 1000 acres?

Grant Book 1, p. 638
Zachariah Smith
880 acres Lincoln Co

Surveyed for Zachariah Smith 880 acres of land in Lincoln County on the waters of Dicks River 400 acres of which is by virtue of a certificate from the commissioners of this district for settlement. Beginning at A two shugartrees & white oaks running from thence N 32 E 158 poles crossing Harrods Run to a elm & ash standing near the run thence E 80 pole with John Bowmans line & corner with him & Adam Fisher to a shugartree & small walnut thence S 45 E 260 pole with S. Fishers line crossing Harrods Run to two Doggwood & Hickory thence E 40 pole with S. Fishers line to a shugartree hickory & doggwood thence S 137 pole passing a bend of welcome run to a shugartree white oak & hickory thence W 67 pole with Jn. Isaack line & corner in the same to a shugartree thence N 60 W 370 pole crossing a branch to the beginning.

Also 480 acres by virtue of a preemption warrant adjoining his settlement on the south & west side beginning at A two shugartrees & white oak running from thence W 124 pole with John Bowmans line to James Harrod corner to two white oaks & hickory thence S 290 pole with Harrods Line & corner with him to a spanish oak white oak & shugartree thence N 100 pole to a shugartree & ash thence E 118 pole with Isaacks line to the corner of the settlement to a shugartree thence N 60 W 370 pole with said settlement line  to the beginning. Variation 3 degrees E.  March 28th 1781