Last weekend, I was able to order 5 land deed films to help in my research of Smiths in Mercer County, Kentucky. (BTW, I LOVE the new online ordering from FHL!!!)  My plan is to “follow the land” to see who the original settlers sell/give their land to over time.

So today, I transcribed the land warrants for the first 4 Smith men in the Harrodsburg area.  I’ve had the land GRANTS for quite awhile, but I had never taken the time to find the land warrants until today.  I do find them interesting because the warrants give the reason that the land is being granted.

Of the 4 Smith men, I know that 3 are brothers – Adam, Zachariah and John. It appears that all 4 men came to the area about the same time.  I do not know how George fits in yet, but I’m hoping that the land records will provide some clues. Looking at those land records will be my “free time” activity over Christmas break.

So beginning tomorrow, I’m going to post my transcribed warrants followed by the grants.  I’m planning to post 1 man’s records each day. If you see any clues you think are important for my search, please post a comment.  I’m far, far, far from feeling confident when reading land records and would appreciate any help I can get!