From Google Books: History of Kentucky: Embracing…

In May, 1774, Capt. James Harrod’s company of  adventurers, of 31 men,

James Blair
James Brown
Abraham Chapline
John Clark
John Crawford
Jared Cowan
John Cowan
John Crow
Azariah Davis
William Fields
David Glenn
Thomas Glenn
Silas Harlan
James Harrod
Thomas Harrod
James Harlan
Evan (or John) Hinton
____ Rees
John Shelp
James Wiley
John Wilson
And 10 others whose names we cannot ascertain, came down the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers in periogues or canoes to the mouth of the Kentucky River, which they ascended…

In two or three weeks this was followed by Isaac Hite’s company of adventurers of 11 men –

Robert Gilbert
James Hamilton
Isaac Hite
James Knox
James McColloch
Alexander Petrey
Jacob Sandusky
James Sandusky
Benjamin Tutt
David Williams
and one other name not preserved.

I know that somewhere, I have seen a complete list of men.  Smith surname was not included, so I did not copy.  Keep searching.


This list, per several historic researchers, is not complete, but supposedly is the only known list of residents of Fort Harrod. Most of these names are taken from the Draper manuscripts and from various depositions.

Ann POAGUE McGINTY and her husband, James McGINTY, Thos ALLIN, Elisha BETHY (killed by Indians), Nicholas BRADSTONE, Jas BROWN (killed by Indians), Jeremiah BRISTOEE, Col. BOONE and family, Col. Abraham BOWMAN, Saml. COBURN (father of Mrs. Ann McDANIEL), John COWAN, George CALDWELL, Col. Richard CALLOWAY, General George Rogers CLARK, William COOMES and Jane COOMES (school teacher), Capt. CUNNINGHAM, Joe CHAPMAN (killed by Indians), George CORN and his five sons (not named), George CLARE, James COWAN (killed by Indians), Josiah COLLINS, Elisha COLLINS, Wm. DAVIS, Ezekiel DAVIS, Thomas DENTON, George GRAY, Eli GERRARD (killed by Indians), John GASS, Jno. HAYS (killed by Indians), William HARRIS (killed by Indians), John HAGGIN, Michael HUMBLE, Wm. HAYDEN (killed by Indians), Benj. HAYDEN, George HART, Richard HOGAN, John and Peter HIGGINS, Saml. JOHNSON, Patrick JORDAN, James JANUARY, Simon KENTON, John KENNEDY (killed by Indians), Thomas KENNEDY, Jacob LIGHT, Jos. LINDSAY, Ben LINN and wife Hannah (nee SOVERIGNS) LINN (thought to be the first marriage at the fort), Jas. LEGERWOOD, John McMURTRY, Wm and Francis McCONNELL, Jas. McMURTRY, Jas. McILVAIN, Wm. McCRACKEN, Jas. McBRIDE (killed by Indians), Jas. McGINTY, — McDONALD, McAFEE brothers (Robert, Jas, George, Wm and Samuel), Mrs. Ann McDANIEL (widow of Jas who was killed, married 1778), Col. Jas. HARROD, Hugh McGARY, Jas. McCOUN and son Joseph, Saml. MAYS, Wm. MITCHELL, David MITCHELL, John MORRISON, Simeon MOORE, Wm. MANIFEE, Capt. Clough OVERTON (killed by Indians). Col. Wm. POAGE and wife (who md 2nd Joseph LINDSAY, 3rd Jas. McGINTY), and their children (Elizabeth who married John THOMAS, Robt., Jos., Mary, Matty, Anne), Benj. PETTIT, Col. Robert PATTESON, Robt. POAGE, Geo. POAGE, Henry PRATHER and wife Elizabeth (nee WILSON), Bazil PENDERGRASS and his wife and daughter, Jas. RAY, Lewis ROSE and wife Barbary (FRIER) ROSE, Nathaniel RANDOLPH, WM. RAY (killed by Indians), Hugh SHANNON, John STAPLETON, Peter SHANKLIN, Robt. SHANKLIN, Roswell STEVENS, Thomas SHORES, Barny STAGNER (killed by Indians), Bartlett SEARCY, John STORY, Hugh SHANNON, Geo. THOMPSON, John TOWNSEND, Levi TODD and family, Robert TODD, David VANCE, Jas WASSON, Col. Wm WHITLEY and family (were also at St. Asaph), Hugh WILSON wife and son Harrod (first child born at forn in 1775), Edward WORTHINGTON and Betsy.