Ahhhh….an unexpected day for genealogy research.  I’m at home sick today so I thought I’d catch up on some genealogy emails. In a Genealogy Newsline email, I clicked on a link for newly posted Illinois Probate Scans on Family Search.  I decided to look for some information on family lines I haven’t researched in about 3 years on my husband’s line and found some great stuff!

As I went to update my group sheets and notes, I realized that my group sheets for this line were not converted to the Word template that I created in order to easily add my citations.  In other words, nothing in these groups sheets have citations. My typed notes have general citations in parentheses after each fact, but they are not in footnote form.

So my decision delimma.  I so seldom get to do research, do I spend my time today on the web site collecting new information or do I work on updating my group sheets to include citations?  The organizer in my desperately wants to update my notes and group sheets to include citations, but that’s not a quick fix and each file will lead to another file and so on.  I’m not happy with the way these files are organized on my computer, so I could update things today and then decide to reorganize files later, which would mean my links in the citations would be broken.

So I suppose that because of the very limited amount of time I have to work today (not to mention the pounding headache I have) I’ll probably collect more files to add to the “to be organized later” pile.  Maybe a nice compromise will be to convert the group sheets to my Word template and add a citation for the stuff I collect today so at least I’ll have THAT much done.

All in all, I’m just happy to be researching!