Have you ever tried to create group sheets just from information found on Find-a-Grave.com?  You might be surprised at the information you can find when you aren’t focused so much on finding one person or one couple.

Simply go to http://www.findagrave.com and click on the “Search Grave Records” option.  Instead of searching for a specific person, just enter a surname, state and county.  As you begin to examine the names in the list, you might find that an entry has links to parent’s graves.  Very often, you’ll find that the entry is linked to a spouse’s grave including a maiden name.  Sometimes, an obituary is included in the entry that will give information that wouldn’t be included on other web sites.  And lists of children are sometimes included, as well as links to their graves – which link to spouses, etc.

It’s an interesting study.  It’s a great way to jump start research that has stalled.  Or if you find an unexpected hour of free time to research, but not quite enough time to pull out notes and research files. And the best thing of all is that the site is constantly being updated, so you’re almost certain to find something new every time you search!  Last week, I found the entries for 2 of my ggg-grandparents including dates that I did not have before.  Genea-happy-dance!