All last year, I watched the topics of the 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy come and go and felt guilty for not taking the time to give them a try.  Let’s see if I can do a little better this year.  I’m sure they’ll be short and boring to everyone but me, but maybe something will click for me and I’ll FINALLY start writing down some of my own memories.  (We’ll see!)

The only tradition that I remember following faithfully on New Year’s Eve was that my brother and I would always drink a glass of red Creme Soda at midnight.  It was the only time that we would drink it that I can recall – probably because of the danger of red stain on the carpet!  My husband and I changed the tradition slightly to drinking Sparkling White Grape Juice with our kids and I can say with certainty that the reason for the switch was the danger of red stains on the carpet!