As a teacher, genealogy research is often limited to week-ends from August – May, but this year has been especially tough.  The result this year has been ZERO research since August!  Now, for Christmas break, I’m easing back into research mode and I feel like a beginner all over again!  The toughest part is deciding where to pick up in my former research.

So I decided to start with a line that I’ve never researched at all.  I recently got an email from a friend with a message board post that she thought would connect with my line – and she was right.  The message was full of names, but was a little hard to understand because some of the names were in caps and others were not.  I thought the caps were meant to show the difference between children and grandchildren, but that did not hold true.

Last night, I began putting the information from the message board post into family group sheets and then began to confirm or dispute the information with Ancestry.  The old tricks of the search are coming back to me and I’m gathering good information.  When I feel pretty confident in my information, I’ll post it on my blog.  Bottom line – I’m researching the families of William Powell/Mary Day and Ambrose Powell/Margaret Knox from the Adair County, Kentucky area.  If there are researchers working on these lines over the holidays, I’d love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas to everyone!