This morning, I had a couple of free hours before taking a trip to my mother’s where I’ll have no internet access.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  She has dial up access, which means waiting quite a while for pages to load.  But I digress…

I didn’t want to get out a bunch of binders or anything so I decided that I would do some “cold call” type of research.  I went to the Kentucky Digital Library and decided to search their copies of the Adair County News for any articles with the name “Stephens” in them.  As I was clicking through the options, I came across a marriage listing for Laura Ellen (Bennett) George and Uriah Stephens.

Laura Ellen was the sister of my great-grandfather and Uriah was the brother of my greatgreat-grandmother.  I’ve always found this marriage to be interesting as it was one of multiple times that my great-grandfather and great-grandmother’s ancestral lines intersected.  Now I’ll have an exact date and the name of a minister that I can research.  Perhaps I’ll be able to find some church records!

I’m often surprised by the things that I find when I “surf” a site without looking for a specific record.  If I choose a site and just look for a surname, or even for a county, it’s not unusual to find something unexpected!