A light at the end of the tunnel?  Finals weeks has arrived!  Once I administer and grade my final exams, it will be summertime for me, which means getting back into my genealogy research full time!

Finals week is “interesting” for me.  I will be proctoring 3 exams that are not for my class and 2 of these happen before my exam is given by other proctors, which means I’ll have several hours of “nothing to do” while watching students take exams.  I’m hoping to use this as preparation time to help me reacquaint myself with my family.

My plan is to bring in several family folders along with fresh printouts of the notes for those families.  I’m going to reread everything in the folder and make sure all my sources are cited in my notes.  Then I’ll make sure that my research plan is ready to go.  Usually, being out of research mode for awhile allows me to read things with new eyes which brings ideas for new resources to check out.  I’m really looking forward to it!  I hope to post some new ideas for research starting next week.