I haven’t posted from the deed index in quite awhile.  These are the B’s from the Russell County Deeds Cross Index.  At times, the page numbers cannot be seen on the microfilms.  In that case, the book only is listed.

1858 Braham, Barnabus Buster, William & c G-142
1859 Blair, Colbert Leach, Mathew G-157
1859 Bryan, George Jeffuce, Thomas P. & c G-176
1859 Bailey, John Tucker, Gabriel G-181
1859 Buster, Claudius Lair, William Sr. G-187
1859 Blair, Morgan Blair, James Sr. G-195
1856 Barger, Stephen Ftinsley Mary A. G-220
1859 Bradshaw, F.M. Bradshaw, Elijah G-245
1859 Blankenship, John W. Wilson, Abner G-246
1859 Boyd, George George, John G-249
1859 Blankenship, John Wilson, Abner G-249
1859 Bolin, Henry J. Bolin, Lucinda G-251
1859 Bolin, Henry J. Bolin, Prudence J. G-252
1859 Beck, John McFarland, Madison & c G-257
1859 Bernard, John I. Owen, Hester G-287
185_ Barger, Stephen Kerns, George & c G-289
1859 Bernard, John I. Bolin, John C. G-292
1859 Bernard, John I. Chamberlain, David G-297
1859 Bernard, John I. Bernard, Wm. W. & c G-327
1859 Bradshaw, John C. Bradshaw, Elijah G-330
1859 Blankenship, John Smith, George H. & c G-332
1859 Blankenship, John W. Foley, Peter F. & c G-332
1859 Blankenship, David Blankenship, Jesse G-338
1859 Bernard, Harriet S. Bernard, John I. & c G-339
1859 Barnes, William Chamberlain, William & c G-344
1855 Blankenship, Joel Meadows, James E. & c G-346
1855 Buster, Williams & c Lair, William & c G-357
1858 Barnes, William Renalds, Daniel & c G-383
1860 Bryan, George Perkins, Simon G-397
1868 Bolin, John C. Bolin, Benjamin P. & c G-400
1850 Bryan, George Jeffuce, Thomas P. & c G-401
1860 Bernard, William W. Loac, William T. G-411
1860 Brooks, George Lay, John & c G-418
1860 Brley, M.C.D. Simpson, Nancy G-439
1860 Brickin, R.R. Cartwright, M.W. G-450
1860 Brickin, Willliam M. Cartwright, M.W. G-457
1868 Barnes, Ozias Herriford, George W. & c G-493
1860 Bolin, B.J. Bolin, Henry J. & c G-504
1861 Bolin, Ann E. Bolin, B.J. G-514
1861 Ballenger, Berryman Ballenger, David G-526