What a week this has been.  Not much time for genealogy research, but I’d been looking forward to seeing the premiere episode of “Who Do You Think You Are”.  So tonight, I put my computer aside to watch.  What a delightful episode!  I knew I’d enjoy the show, but I wasn’t prepared for how it awakened such a deep desire to understand my ancestors in the context of their time.

My research for awhile has focused on my Stephens line and I’ve been concentrating so fiercely on finding those documents and adding locations to my notes that I hadn’t taken the time to “look around” to see where I was.  My ancestor, Welcome Stephens, was born around 1779, probably in Henry Co, Virginia.  Virginia in the midst of the Revolutionary War!  Ten years before George Washington became president!  So many questions running through my mind tonight and now a new path to add to my research!

I’m looking forward to the journey!