Andrew Stephens – 1860 – 1880

Continuing my notes for Andrew Stephens, son of William Stephens.

1860 –  Census – Franklin Co, Alabama – Western Division

William Steavens – age 53, laborer, b. in North Carolina
Dorothy – age 47, b. in South Carolina
Polly A – age 19, b. in Mississippi
Betsy C – age 15, b. in Mississippi
Martha J – age 12, b. in Alabama
John G – age 10, b. in Alabama
James S – age 7, b. in Alabama
Andrew J – age 22, day labor, b. in Mississippi
Lucy – age 18, b. in Kentucky
Nancy E – age 1, b. in Missouri

1861 –  Death of Nancy E. Stephens, 9 June, 1861, Metcalfe Co, Kentucky  (born in Missouri)

1861 –  Birth of William Dudley Stephens, 13 October, 1861, Metcalfe Co, Kentucky

Civil War – I ordered the Pension file for Andrew J. Stephens of Russell County, but I believe the man in this record is a possible cousin of Andrew’s instead.  Where is MY Andrew?

1864 –  Birth of Mary Elizabeth, Sept. 1864, Metcalfe Co, Kentucky

1866 –  Birth of George Howard, 13 May, Kentucky

1870 –  Cannot find census records.

1870 –  Birth of Cornelius, Oct, Kentucky

1873 –  Birth of Cortez, 6 Jan, Kentucky

1875 –  Birth of Andrew Jackson, 10 Mar, Kentucky

1877 –  Birth of Uriah, 13 June, Kentucky

1879 –  Birth of Dock Garfield, March, Kentucky

1880 –  Census – Russell Co, Ky – ED 103   sheet 26

Stephens, Andrew, age 41, farming
Lucy, age 36
William D, age 18
Mary E, age 16
George H, age 14
Cornelius, age 9
Cortez, age 7
Andrew J, age 5
Uriah, age 3
Dock, age 1
Pollie, aunt, age 70

  • Not being able to find the 1870 census is frustrating.  Did Andrew fight in the Civil War?  It seems likely, but where?  There is an Andrew J. Stephens from Russell Co. in the war, but his pension file shows that he is not the correct Andrew. Perhaps I should begin looking at the locations of uncles.  On the other hand, they could be near someone Lucy’s family, but I haven’t figured out who is in her line.
  • Census records indicate that all of Andrew’s children were born in Kentucky, but I know that at least for a short period of time, Andrew was in Alabama.  With a 20 year gap between census records, it is hard to be certain. Dates of birth for Andrew’s children come from tombstones and/or WWI draft information.
  • Andrew’s grandfather, Welcome, appears in area (Adair Co) tax records around 1812. Andrew’s father, William, arrived between 1860 and 1870.  Did William and Andrew come to the area together?  If so, why isn’t Andrew in the census?  Tax records that are available at my library end in 1858.  What other records might indicate the arrive of Andrew?